Autumn Harvest Behemoth Deals!

There’s nothing quite like a bountiful harvest, and that’s why we’ve only got the cream of the crop this season at the Behemoth! 

Our Harvest Merch Festival is a sale that will have you wishing the fall would stick around a little longer with deals on apparel, figurines, and tons of other cool stuff! We also have games on sale too because, you know, we make those.

From November 23rd through December 1st, all of our merchandise in the online store will be 20% off… except for Pit People Figurines… because those will be 50% OFF INSTEAD! Yeehaw, it just gets better and better out here.

Be sure to use code “Autumnus” at check out to get those deals in the shop. (And remember that some exclusions may apply!)

When it comes to games, we have our home-grown titles on sale for the Steam Autumn Sale. During those same dates (November 23rd to December 1st), all of our games will be discounted on Steam! Get the holiday classics (not really) of Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater for 80% off, and the new and hip favorite Pit People for 80% off. 

We’ve also got deals on bushels and bundles of games; the Castle Crashers 4-Pack (exactly what it sounds like), Can’t Stop Laughing Bundle (BattleBlock Theater and Castle Crashers), and Ultra Baby’s Co-op Chaos Pack (two copies of BattleBlock Theater) are all 76% off! Sweet sweet deals with even sweeter names.

Get your holiday shopping done early before fall turns to winter and you get frozen into a solid block of ice and can no longer operate a computer mouse. Woohoo! Happy harvest.

Look at this nice photo, doesn’t it just make you want to stay inside and play video games?