Very Cool Behemoth Home Activities: Compilation Edition!

If you know The Behemoth, you know that we’re all about making fun couch co-op experiences for you to share. While we all spend some time at home, we’ve compiled a host of other activities to do from that same couch (or another one, if you’re a couch fiend that has MULTIPLE couches) with your family or friends!

We’ve shared a few ideas so far and we’re going to keep coming up with more, but we wanted to pin everything in one place for your convenience and enjoyment. This is it. This is that place. It’s wonderful here, isn’t it?

So anyway, here’s our compilation Very Cool Behemoth Home Activities (not TM)! Go crazy, have fun, and be sure to share all of your creations with us on social media.

Behemoth Coloring Book

Stretch your creative muscles (or wings, if you’re a chicken) with our free Behemoth coloring book! Print it and bust out the crayons, or download it for some digital coloring action with your favorite program. Or both!! Both is good.

Claim your own coloring book and get to making that masterpiece right here.

Alien Hominid Head Plush

If you want a new friend to keep you company, check out this tutorial for our Alien Hominid Invasion Head Plush! (That’s quite the mouthful, isn’t it? Headful??)

Our very own Behemoth “Plushsmith” Anna The Red has put together some simple instructions to help you create your own little Alien! You can follow along by clicking here.

DIY Castle Crashers Masks

When you go out in the world, you gotta mask up β€” and no one knows the importance of big ol’ face coverings like the Castle Crashers with their giant helmets! Anna The Red has created few easy DIY mask designs complete with instructions so you can make them at home. Take your pick of any of the following, and click the picture to learn how to make yours!

Behemoth Streams

For your entertainment, we make fools out of ourselves twice a week, every week, and you can watch us on any one of your screens via Twitch! We play a handful of co-op games, a whole lot of BattleBlock Theater, and show up to have a good time and talk directly to you.

Be sure to tune into the show every Tuesday and Thursday at 2 PM PT! You can watch us (or catch up on old videos) right here.

Keep an eye out for more activities coming! And remember, we’d love to see what you make! Tag us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.