Get ready for the Steam closed beta!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Pit People Xbox One Closed Beta and thank you for making it such an active experience. We’ve got lots of great data, suggestions, and feedback from people!
Also, thanks very much to the versus community for keeping things helpful, friendly and fun. Everyone was great sport and made 1v1 / 2v2 very refreshing to come back to.

Now, onward to the Steam Closed Beta that begins on September 28th! If you haven’t signed up for the Steam Closed Beta, you can still register by going to
Xbox One closed beta signup does not carry over, so you’ll need to register for the Steam Closed Beta as well (just make sure to sign up with all the same info that you did for Xbox One and you should automatically qualify).
The Steam Beta will include all or most of the work we’ve been doing throughout the Xbox One Beta build running, so if you played the Xbox One beta last week and join us on Steam next week then you’re sure to run into new unlocks, areas, maps, balance changes and features within. A whole weapon category for humans was completely rehauled into something NEW! Whoa! See you there!


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