BBT: A duck, a metaphorical cup, and a Rammy

With the Holiday Sale kicking off on Steam and our Arena Feature updates in both XBLA & Steam versions of BattleBlock Theater, this weekend is going to be fantastic! This Friday, we give you a duck, a metaphorical cup, and a Rammy–what does that all mean?
As we mentioned in our last Arena Feature post, we are re-featuring winners and honorary mentions of the Arena Playlist Creation Contest so you can maximize your fun during the holiday season. Here’s what we have for you this week:
XBLA Arena Feature:
CaptureTheDuck by LevelDesignGuy
Can’t get enough of Duckshark? Don’t worry, LevelDesignGuy has got you covered! Duckshark is all over the place in this week’s XBLA Arena Feature.
Steam Arena Feature:
Hatty Cup 2014 by KLJF22
We wish we could give each of you a shiny trophy, but if we did then we wouldn’t be able to continue making games, so instead we will give you a virtual high-five and a metaphorical cup for your victories. Play ball!
Finally, just because we love you and we know how much you love Rammy (I mean, look at this fan with her homemade apron), we’re giving out this adorable animal companion from Castle Crashers. You’ll be able to play through Theater levels as Rammy!
All you need to do is load up the game and head towards an online area, like Furbottom’s Features or Community Theater, and it should unlock. Happy playing!