This prisoner got Steam!! Rolled…

We hope you enjoy this week’s Arena offering. It is fun and frantic and definitely geared for the more dexterous among you. This week’s new Arena Feature is Kat Khaos 2 by Melted Cow!
The plot stew has thickened in this sequel to Kat Khaos 1, and before tasting it you should know that there are things moving in the broth. Lots of things. Hairy things, shuffling things… it’s like an undead yeti was tossed in to add a bit of kick. Which, ironically enough, is what you’ll need to add if you want to win: kicking. Kicking of (ehem, SOCCER) balls, kicking of butts… although the odd uppercut is also perfectly acceptable.
There is also sizeable slurry of stand-out moments in this Arena Playlist for those less inclined to combat however: 2 challenge levels and even an “”adventure”” level (?!). Solid entries, all three, and hey, who are we to say Melted Cow can’t put an adventure level in their arena playlist? I don’t even know what kind of rules apply for a melted cow, and this IS a free country after all. Granted, BattleBlock Theater is a terrible example, seeing as how most of its population is imprisoned.
If you have been waiting for a plum opportunity to show off the full range of your BBT skills, well, this one is so ripe that it’s begun to smell a bit. And when I say smelly, I do mean it in the best possible sense… even if it did come from a cow.



In addition to the new Arena Feature, we’ve got this guy! He’s back! And, honestly, if his head hasn’t gone back to normal by now, its probably permanent. Sorry pal.


If you haven’t heard already, we’ve just closed off the registrations for the BattleBlock Theater Steam Beta. We’ll continue reviewing the rest of the Beta Registrants this weekend, so check to see if you got Steamrolled too!