Play with the Devs – Ep 9 – Recap


Happy Holidays! This was our last Play with the Devs stream of 2013, where we play against the community in our own game, BattleBlock Theater.
We played some Muckle mode in part 1 and Grab the Gold mode in part 2 of this episode. We gave out prizes to the highest scoring team in each mode and sent Gestureworks Gameplay codes to our favorite questions in the chat room during the live stream. Congrats to the two winning teams:
Gazoodagreat + TekTheSqueaky (Muckle Mode)
Undead Ninya + CMoneyNo23 (Grab the Gold Mode)

Also, as seen on the live stream, we released a new prisoner in honor of the last stream and the holiday season. Meet Mr. Claus himself! Welcome Santa to the BattleBlock Theater troupe!
Come relive the fun in these two video clips:

And for further viewing pleasure, here are some behind the scenes photos of the team putting together their festive gear complete with a holiday poem:

‘Twas the days before [insert your practiced winter holiday here],
When all thru the company,
Everyone prepped for Twitch,
It was really quite funny.




The decorations were hung on the usual table there,
in hopes that people would see and genuinely care.


The players were ready, with controllers in hand,
then we started our last 2013 Play with the Devs and had our final stand.
We competed and had fun,
We lost in all games but some,
In any case our fans are seriously second to none.
Thanks to everyone this year,
It’s given us warm fuzzy feelings and lots to cheer,
Happy Holidays to all from everyone here.


-The Behemoth