2013 PAX Exclusive T-shirt & Surprise!

As tradition has it, we’re bringing another PAX Prime exclusive t-shirt and we’ve chosen to honor Davy Crockett. BattleBlock Theater fans can already tell you how near and dear to us Davy is.


We even dedicated the game to Sir Crockett and now it’s time to remember him again as this years PAX exclusive Behemoth shirt:


We salute you Davy Crockett. Oh and on a related note, we’re going into battle next weekend, only it’s not at the Alamo.

Next week on Sunday, September 1st, from 11AM-11:30AM we’re challenging Immortal HD and UberHaxorNova to another duel!  Come visit us at PAX Booth #3003 and #3004 in Davy Crockett solidarity and for our REMATCH.


It’s On. Bring it.