RTX 2013 Recap

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Howdy, y’all! Just got back from Texas yesterday and we had a blast at our first Rooster Teeth Expo.

On the last day of RTX, we had more people coming by to play BattleBlock Theater and get raffle tickets. In the end, we decided to give a token of our appreciation to all of those who returned for our last raffle by giving everyone squeezy chickens. I mean, it’s the least we could do since the crowd even sang Happy Birthday to us! It’s The Behemoth’s 10th year and we appreciated the warmth and love RTX attendees had to offer.

It was fantastic and we have plenty of pictures and even a recap video to relive the whole experience! Click on the photos to the left to see pictures from each day of Rooster Teeth Expo 2013 and be sure to watch our recap video below!