Two BattleBlock Theater Prisoner Unlocks!

As promised, we’re bringing you two special prisoner unlocks this week in BattleBlock Theater!

FeaturePost_SteamRollerThe first one will be unlocked right when you sign into your Xbox LIVE account and roll into the full version of BattleBlock Theater. Yes, just for playing you’ll be getting Steamroll Victim #1!

Victim #1 will be available for the next week so log in soon before it’s gone!


FeaturePost_Gerard Then when you’ve got a bit of time to run through the new solo or co-op playlist in Furbottoms Features, you’ll get Gerard as a reward for completing the whole playlist!

And you can look forward to playing with or against another Gerard because, as Aaron puts it,Β “you get two of ’em in a room together so that the head-butt/high-fives can finally commence!”

Gerard is available until the next Furbottoms Features playlists are updated.