Play with the Devs Live Stream – May 30th

>>Edit: We will be hosting arena games under the Arena Feature. Go to Xbox LIVE Game -> Arena -> Find Player Match -> Feature -> then look for a game hosted by “Mr P Furbottom” or “Mr H Hattington.”

Please do not add these gamer tags as friends during the live stream. We will have notifications off. Thanks! <<


Last month, we had our first Play with the Devs for BattleBlock Theater streamed live on our Twitch channel. We’re going to continue giving you the opportunity to play against some of The Behemoth staff with a Play with the Devs once a month!

The rumblers and arena modes will change every time, but the chance to show off your BBT skills will remain the same. And even better, we’ll be increasing the play time from one hour to TWO HOURS of Play with the Devs! It will be Team Behemoth versus YOU +1.

Or, if you’d prefer to watch and chat with others about The Behemoth games, you can join us at Twitch.TV and toss us a few questions and comments while you’re at it.

Join us next Thursday, May 30th, from 3:00-5:00PM PST. Here’s the cast and crew:


Megan, Community Captain
Lindsay, Prophet of Playability
Josh, Testnician in Chief
Derek, Videotronic Virtuoso
(Rumblers will take turns in teams)


Dan, Fearless Leader
Emil, Master of Ceremonies
Ian, Production Mogul
Aaron, Level Luminary
Ryan, Level Laureate
Anna, Plushsmith
Eric, Ambassador to the Arts

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