BattleBlock Theater Beta Starts Today!


It’s here. It’s there! It’s soon to be everywhere! We have sent out official invites to all qualified Beta Registrants and Beta Codes will be e-mailed later today between 9AM and 10AM PST.  On this joyous day of BattleBlock Theater Beta launch we will have distributed 10,000 beta codes to combatants all over the world.

At this time we are still accepting registrations for the BattleBlock Theater Closed Beta, but new registrants should expect that they won’t get a response for a couple of days.

To celebrate  this special day, we’d like to introduce some special BattleBlock Theater friends of ours. Having all been shipwrecked on the same island, these prisoners/performers all share one similar trait. Candy Corn Fear.


Who will you get? What do you desire? Remember when Spiderman was played by Toby Maguire? Play BBT to see what you can acquire!