Castle Crashers Steam Update 1.2

Today we are announcing update 1.2 for Castle Crashers Steam Edition! In this update we focus on some render optimizations that will hopefully clear up some performance issues that have been reported. Additionally, there are a handful of various bug fixes and improvements. Head on over to our forums to view the full list of latest game update notes.

Here’s a sample of some of the issues we’ve resolved for this update with the rest located on our forums here.

  • We now support mouse button behavior to be more like keyboard keys. The user can set them in the keyboard settings!
  • NEW render option to toggle vsync — Vsync off on slow computers will make it render faster (it really makes a difference.) Fast computers should leave it on for smoother rendering.
  • NEW render option to select texture quality — The options are high or standard. The default is set to high. Standard will cause some textures to appear less sharp but the game might run better if you are experiencing slow rendering.
  • Render optimization when letterbox rendering — The letterbox now renders a different way which hopefully will cut down on the number of pixels we draw and thereby speed up the game.
  • NEW render option to turn letterbox on or off — Now in the game settings menu a player can select whether to have letterbox or stretch to fit. Whatever suits your tastes!

Thanks so much for your continued support!