The Behemoth at the San Diego Asian Film Festival

This week BattleBlock Theater will be taking the show on the road to the San Diego Asian Film Festival (SDAFF). Yes, we’ll be taking the theater to another theater! Just a couple neighborhoods over from us, the film festival’s main site is at the Mission Valley UltraStar Cinema in the Hazard Center. You may see our arcade cabinet cruising down one of San Diego’s freeways as it makes its way over to the theater—let’s hope you don’t see the cabinet ON the freeway!

Yes, San Diegans, and anyone else making a trip to San Diego from November 2, 2012 – November 4, 2012, can join us in the theater lobby to play some BattleBlock Theater, check out some of the goodies we’re selling or just stop by to say hello! It’s free to get into the lobby to check out vendors, but movie tickets are required to get into the actual theaters. In addition to the BattleBlock Theater arcade cabinet, we’ll be bringing our Chonku Chonku machine (trade show only), a limited selection of our usual rad merchandise and maybe a special treat or two.

Our Booth Schedule:

Friday, November 2nd: 4PM-10PM
Saturday, November 3rd: 11AM-10PM
Sunday, November 4th: Noon-11PM

Side note: They’ve got some pretty awesome flicks this year! You could watch a movie based on a DS Game called Ace Attorney (YEAH! Scream out “objection!” all you want), sit through a psychological thriller/horror entitled I Am a Ghost, skate over to the theater for Sons of Animal Style, or check out any number of SDAFF’s 150+ films. So, no excuses! We’ll see you at the festival!