Behind Our Scenes – Day 2 of BattleBlock Theater Week

Recently we had the opportunity to spend some time with the team over at The Official Xbox Magazine (OXM),  in which we previewed all the latest happenings in the world of BattleBlock Theater. Things went so well that they were gracious enough to put together some awesome coverage called,  “BattleBlock Theater Week“.  Filled with an hour long hand-on preview of the game, loads of screenshots, and as much Q&A as we could possibly fit into our short day trip to their offices.

Here’s a small preview of the our behind the scenes post below. If you want to experience the full post in all of its glory, as well as all of the other coverage OXM will be providing this week,  head on over to their site  for the full tour of our studios

We also want to thank everyone at OXM for giving us the opportunity to speak a little about our game, and ourselves.  For those of you who don’t know this we’ve been working on BattleBlock Theater for a little under three and a half years now. This is approaching the same time frame for development from our previous title, Castle Crashers. We get closer every day, and as always the entire team appreciates all of your support in everything we do.


5 thoughts on “Behind Our Scenes – Day 2 of BattleBlock Theater Week”

  1. Man,Im So Excited For BBT.I Wonder If It Will Become The New Best XBLA Game.
    Oh,I Just Got CASTLE CRASHERS!!!!!

  2. I Just Cant Explain My Excitement For BBT.Its Gonna Be So Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I Have 2 Questions Also.
    1.If Its For XBLA,How Many Microsoft Points Will It Be?
    2.Have You Thought Of A Release Date Yet?


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