Castle Crashers is for Lovers AND Fighters.

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Oh man, I’ve been wanting to write this up for a while now.


Valentine’s Day/Singles’ Awareness Day is coming up next week and…we’re running a contest for our fans to get a chance to win the beloved Castle Crashers Pink Knight –in Chonku Chonku mini-figurine form (only available at trade shows)!

There will be two categories: Doubles & Singles.

To enter into the Doubles: Write a blog post about how Castle Crashers contributes into bonding with your significant other, your favorite moments together, etc!

To enter into the Singles: Write a blog post about why it’s better to play on your own, battling enemies/friends, to rescue and kiss online princesses (which is perfectly okay)!

You can write in any style that you want.


  • Entries must not exceed 500 words in length.
  • You many only enter into one category.
  • You must publish this online and send the link to, or link it to this post as a comment.
  • The deadline to to enter will be February 13, 2012 at 5pm PST.
  • Winners will be announced on the 14th.
  • Emotion must be felt.
  • You must be okay for the prize to arrive after February 14, 2012.
  • Winners must be okay with us reblogging your post (linking it to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr).

A total of 10 Pink Knight Chonku-Chonku mini-figurines will given away!

Now — WRITE away!!! (While your chances of winning are still high) <3


Love always, from your Favorite Pink Knight







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28 thoughts on “Castle Crashers is for Lovers AND Fighters.”

  1. I don’t have a blog so I’m not sure if this counts, but…

    Castle Crashers has always been a fun way to bond with significant others for me. My girlfriends would always enjoy the simple gameplay, the animation, but most of all, the cute animal orbs. My favorite memory playing castle crashers is one time after a school dance. It was my Homecoming dance sophomore year. We did pictures, dinner the dance, you know, all the standard stuff, and then I had everyone over to my house for the after party. When deciding what to do, my best friend Rachel wanted to play castle crashers (something we’d do multiple times a week). We had 4 couples in our group, so each one picked a character (Me and My date Roisin picked the Green Knight because she wore a green dress to the dance) and we switched off every level between the guys and girls. To my surprise, the girls all enjoyed it. At one point throughout the night, we had both people control their character (each had one hand on the controller, it took quite a bit of cooperation) which proved to be difficult, but a really great time. One moment that really stood out for me, was dueling for the princess after the first boss battle. My Knight got his head chopped off right off the bat, so I was getting plenty of crap from the other guys there. When my friend Peter’s knight won and was kissing the princess, Roisin leaned over and kissed me (it was really cute), and I was glad I lost the duel 😀

  2. What do you mean by write a blog post and how do I do it? Sorry this is my first time with an account on a blog.

  3. Well I am writing for the Singles category and while many of you might think it sucks to be single…. your right, but it absolutely has its advantages when it comes to playing Castle Crashers. When playing by yourself you get your “oh so needed alone time” and on top of that you get all of the enemies to yourself so you level up faster. Being single isn’t all that bad though especially when you have tons of enemies to keep you company while you fight through hoards of them to save who really counts, the Princesses! The Princesses need you most of all because if you don’t save them who will? They need you and you need them so be grateful for what you already have because Castle Castle crashers will always be there for you whether you have a girlfriend or not. Oh and remember: your day will come so practice up on Castle Crashers cause when you do get a girlfriend or boyfriend you will be able to show them all of the the cool tricks and then become closer with them by teaching them how to play so you can save princesses together!

  4. I am writing for the Singles category.

    I’ve always been playing Castle Crashers alone. I think that Castle Crashers is better played alone because being alone means no competition between you and your companion, while fighting over who gets certain stuff throughout the game can destroy a relationship I prefer to just get everything myself. Sure playing alone may be difficult sometimes but hey, I get the princess every time 😀 Kissing online princesses are made better cause you don’t have to worry about herpes D: :justsaying: Besides, girls don’t play games, especially games like Castle Crashers whereby you are required to kill BUT I DIGRESS.

    Overall, playing in Single mode is always more awesome than double because you get all the stuff you want and play the game however you want and don’t have to bother about losing and relationship over quarrels.

  5. This is for the doubles contest

    Castle Crashers has been… well in all honesty a blessing in the form of a game. It’s how I actually got my girlfriend, haha I’ll never forget that cheesy line “I wish I could kiss a princess”; and at the moment it’s one of the few ways we really spend time together. Between our school life, me working at a country club, and her in pharmaceuticals; well there usually isn’t much energy left at the end of our busy days. Yes we do display our affection, but on those nights where were just too tired from work, or were feeling like we need something fun on a lazy day we sit and play Castle Crashers. This obviously feeds my manly need to beat something up, and for her a delightful stress release. Sure we fight from time to time, who gets giraffey, or who gets to make-out with a princess. But at the end of the day we’re together, snuggled up, and killing trolls. I honestly doubt that I will win this contest, but I truly just wanted to say thank you to all the Behemoth staff for making a game that helps me and my girlfriend spend those tired and lazy days together. Happy Valentines day to you guys and gals!! We love you all, we love the game and we can’t wait for Battle Block Theater.

  6. I don’t have a blog, so here’s mine- hope that’s ok! This is for “doubles”

    CastleCrashers played a role in me meeting my boyfriend, Dean. We were at a group party, and he brought his Xbox with CastleCrashers so that those at the party could play. Unbeknownst to me, Dean had been harboring a crush for me for a year (“since he laid eyes on me”).

    I had never played before, but I kicked ass at it and fell in love with the game. I also started to fall for Dean… we played as a bit of a team, though I always fought dirty at the end to win the princesses.

    At the next party I begged him to bring his xbox again. He did, along with some champagne…. at the end of a round he handed me a glass and stole a kiss.

  7. This Is For Double’s,And Im Not Gay!

    I Remember The First Time I Played CC.It Was Wonderful.I Played With My Buddy On His Xbox,And I Was The Thief,He Was The Pink Knight,And We Started Crashing Castles!!! The Gameplay Was Wonderful And The Graphics? Bless Dan Paladin And His Children Forever! I Remember The First Princess Duel.I Was All Like “I Wanna Kiss This Orange Princess!” And He Was All Like “You Will Be Happy”
    Then I Won,And As I Kissed Her I Found Out She Was A Clown!!!! Then My Friend Laughed,And I Hit Him.And That Inspired Me To Get Castle Crashers On My Xbox! And Once I Tried To Play With My GF But We Could Not Find a Female Character.Now-a-Days Everyone Begs To Play Castle Crashers And Im All Like
    “Heck Yea!”Then I Bring Out The Chips,And We Start Crashing Castles.Im So Excited For A Pink Knight If I Win! I Would Be All Like “EEEEEEEE!”This Is It My Fellow Friends.Goodbye.Stop Reading This.Seriously,Like Go Outside Now.
    This Is Over!!!! **TRANSMISSION ENDING**

  8. Just linked mine through email, I really enjoyed writing it! Really put me in the mood to actually start writing again… but it’s late and by the morning I would of probably changed my mind. Haha. Good luck to everyone who entered, I’ll have a read of the people who submitted their entry’s below. Oh guys (and girls) if you don’t have a blog, you can sign up for tumblr or blogit, they’re free and easy to use blogging sites.

  9. I am entering for the single contest thing. Castle Crashers is one of my fav games. The first time i ever played was when my brothers friend came over, he brought his Xbox, and my brother was telling how such a great game it was. So i was craving for this moment. When we started playing my brother picked the orange Knight which was my favorite color. so instead i piked the blue knight, i was pretty bummed about not being the orange Knight. So we started playing It was a really fun game and a lot of funny stuff, at first we thought the theifs were cannibalizes cause it looked like they were eating the dead grey knights body. But actually they were stealing money, we had a big laugh about that. when my brothers friend left i still was not satisfied i still really wanted to play, so i resorted to watching some videos online until finally i persuaded my mom to let me buy it on my 18 year old brothers Xbox (cause at the time i did not have my own Xbox) i was so happy and overfilled with i played and played and played, cause i did not haft to play with my brother which at the time was at his friends house. I may be single but i still play with my brother allot but he dose not love the game or behemoth as much as i do. we have been playing this game for so long and beat the game many times and i only need like 7 more characters or less to unlock, no matter how many times i play this game it will always fill me with happiness that nothing else can bring.

  10. Yoruhoshi, writing for the Doubles category!

    Putting things rather simply, my boyfriend is an extreme gamer and I am more of a bookworm. So you can imagine that finding ways in which to interest one another with our favorite hobbies can sometimes be challenging.
    I happened to stop by his house one day in order to drop off some supplies needed for a party later on, when I saw him playing Castle Crashers with his younger brother. I’m not one for strategy gaming, but I don’t mind games where I can button mash like an idiot, and I love games where I can just run around like a maniac beating the crap out of enemies. I decided to ask what the game was, much to my boyfriend’s utter delight, and he quite willingly kicked his younger brother off the Xbox in order to teach me how to play Castle Crashers. I will admit that the first time through the entire game, as the Blue Knight, I was TERRIBLE. But my boyfriend was very encouraging nonetheless and insisted that we try playing through a second time. The second way through the game as the Orange Knight, I wasn’t much better, but I was quickly becoming addicted to the game nonetheless. The third way through, as the Green Knight, I finally seemed to get the hang of things and actually managed to get my knight a few levels ahead of my boyfriend’s knight by the end.
    Now Castle Crashers is one of our favorite pastimes when we get together and haven’t planned a date or anything of the sort. And, like the gentleman he is, my boy has eagerly been reading a number of books in return for me playing one of his favorite games.
    And believe you me, Castle Crashers IS a game for couples. I’ve tried playing it through on my own, and it’s simply not the same. It’s almost boring, because my boy isn’t there to laugh at it and spend time with me.

  11. Entering doubles category

    I find that it is MUCH more fun if you play in doubles because it just provides a fun thing to do anytime you have a spare hour or ten.
    It was my freshman year of high school. I was attending a party with a bunch of my friends and after a couple hours, we went to one of my friend’s rooms began playing first person shooters and such. After a while we got bored and switched to Castle Crashers. We were about halfway through the Barbarian Boss when some of the girls came up and asked if they could play. Being a gentleman, I gave up my controller and gave it to one of the girls, as did one of my friends. After every level or so we would switch off and it began to descend to a bundle of shouting and backseat gaming. Needless to say, it was a blast. This went on for a couple hours, and when we beat the Final Boss and the party scene was rolling, my girlfriend leaned over and kissed me. It was surprising, to say the least, but I can say that I fully enjoyed it. We had a blast that night.
    Castle Crashers is certainly better for couples because it can become a very fun bonding experience, what with the long journey to rescue the princesses, dueling for the kiss, fighting over weapons, food, and gold, helping against the bosses, and holding off hordes of enemies as a pair, which can really help build cooperation and mutual understanding between the couple. It is even better as you notice something new every time you play through, be it a funny tidbit, a new combo, or just a hilarious enemy behavior. It’s even better if you have another couple to play it with. Needless to say, I try to get every one of the girls who I go out with to play Castle Crashers, even though I have probably played through it many times. I guess that Singles could argue that it is better to play alone, because there isn’t much strife, I disagree because in the end, it’s still a video game (sorry Behemoth) and as they say, what happens in Castle Crashers, stays in Castle Crashers.

  12. Singles:

    Castle Crashers may seem like a game of conflict and war, but this is not entirely true. Take equal parts “castle” and “crashing,” and you still don’t have what makes this game into the one you cherish. However, the missing ingredient is easy to discover- it’s love!

    When you dive into the world of Castle Crashers alone, you’re embarking on an epic quest from the moment the game starts up. With the main theme blaring from your TV, your fingers are itchy to cut down foes by the time you hit the title screen. But if we step back for a moment, we see that the story of these four knights is motivated not by violence, but by love. They just want to ensure the safety of their family, friends, and most importantly, of the beautiful princesses, stolen away to the ends of the world. Despite opposing you at every turn, even the enemies sometimes show respect for the passion of our colorful heroes. When the Cyclops is sinking in lava to his (apparent) doom, you can tell that the “thumbs up” he gestures is not sly or offensive. Instead, he understands your quest for love, and is giving you his support! And when bloodthirsty warriors can see your zeal, you know it’s sincere.

    It’s better to play this game on your own because you can wrap yourself in the lush story, and truly experience this romantic adventure. Without a significant other by your side, you have to rely on friends to aid in your passionate journeys, though they can also be a source of motivation. In fact, battling friends inspires a powerful sense of competition, forcing you to fight even harder to that princess, in the hopes of finally winning that kiss! At the end of the day, you can toss down your bloodied sword and empty your pockets of gold in order to enjoy the company of your love. And the best thing is that the story is never really over; the kingdom is constantly in peril, and once you’ve saved it with the four knights, you’re free to engage this passionate expedition with dozens of other characters. No matter who you choose (a lonely beekeeper, a curious alien, or perhaps even a tender bear), there’s a new way to save the world and find your true love.

    Perhaps I see the game differently than most. The knights aren’t killing hundreds of enemies just to complete a mission. Rather, they are doing it to win the hearts of the princesses and restore joy to the land, and that is why Castle Crashers is a game of love.

  13. I did post this online, too, but the email keeps getting kicked back, so here’s the link AND the write-up. Thanks!

    I have been playing video games since Pong, and they have been a major source of recreation and enjoyment ever since. In 2004, once I had settled comfortably into my existence as an adult gamer, something shocking happened. A child was born. MY child. Don’t get me wrong, my wife and I were and are thrilled to have now three very beautiful daughters, but at the time I was thinking, “Wow, this is seriously going to cut into my Halo 2 time”.

    As soon as she was old enough to hold a controller I got her started on some basic console and PC games. More often than not it only ended in frustration, for me and for her. Her tiny little toddler fingers were no match for The Duke (Duke forever, Controller-S never!) and she could not yet manipulate the mouse well enough to play basic online and PC games.

    Well, time passed I slowly introduced more casual games. I am the proud owner of an original copy of Barbie’s Horse Adventures for the Xbox, which was her first big console game of her own. She did OK with it. I had to help her now and then but most of the time she was content to wash the horse, dress the horse, dress Barbie, jump fallen trees and so on. She even still plays it from time to time. And one day we’ll open up the second Snowy Mountain Trail. After we find that ONE remaining coin on the first one. Not that I’m bitter or anything, just because the horse can jump over a downed redwood but somehow can’t hop over one damn gate? Come on, really? JUMP THE GATE! #*&%ing Snowy Mountain Trail!!!!

    One day I am browsing through a gaming magazine and they are featuring some of the most popular titles for Xbox Live Arcade. And there, for the first time, she saw a picture of Castle Crashers. She immediately asked if we could get it. I dragged my feet a little bit. It was a little bit violent for a kid her age. But I turned off the gore and let her play my level 50-something red knight on some of the lower levels. And she was hooked.

    Castle Crashers is why my now seven year-old daughter has an Xbox profile. Even though when we play she STILL gets my red knight and I now play pink on her profile to help level him up (she was BEGGING for pink, thanks Behemoth!). This was the last game I would have expected to draw her in this way, but to this day it is her single favorite video game on any platform, ever. And that is saying a lot, because we play a shit load of Just Dance 3 at our house.

    It remains our special daddy/daughter game and I couldn’t be prouder, as we together mercilessly bash trolls, dodge bat shit and fight over treasure. She is one great kid and I am a lucky dad.

  14. Doubles Category

    For years, I have been playing x-box games as a single. However, it is only so satisfying to be able to play with yourself. Then one fateful day, I met my pink knight, and it changed my perception of double gaming forever. My fiancé and I had moved in together over 3 years ago; I received my Xbox-360 over a year and a half ago. At first, she was amused by gaming antics, and she would often watch me play. However, as time went on, the Xbox lost its novelty. She grew increasingly frustrated at the time I spent dedicated to killing zombies versus the time spent cuddling on the couch. After Fallout 3, she gave me a video gaming intervention, and has subsequently banned Skyrim and any other equally intense RPG games from entering our home. Time passed and my video gaming became pushed to the background. Life ran its course, and I snuck in various games when I could. Then one day a student at my school (I am a teacher) was raving about a new game he had come across. He told me that I had to play Castle Crashers because it was one of the best games out there. Reluctantly, I decided to take his advice and I downloaded it that night. When it was finished, my fiancé watched me play. She gave me a dirty look and commented “a new game, just what you need”, because she always gets nervous when a new game enters our home. However, after a few minutes of watching me play, she did something she had never done before; she asked me if she could try playing. Amazed by her sudden interest, I quickly handed her the controller and watched as she slew wave after wave of cartoon baddies. Castle Crashers had successfully unleashed her inner gamer. The next day, I went to the store and purchased her her own controller (being a single player I had no use for 2 controllers). That night, we took up our arms and charged headlong into a world of fantasy destruction; it was glorious. Since then, we have spent our free time playing Castle Crashers. Doubles gaming has enhanced our relationship, improved communication and has given us a hobby we can both enjoy together. In fact, she has enjoyed the game so much, that she had agreed to allow me to commission a Castle Crashers themed wedding cake, complete with Castle Crasher figures as cake toppers. Needless to say, Castle Crashers has won over both of our hearts. There is one downside to this story; she is kicking my butt in the game and her pink knight has put my orange knight to shame. However, this is a small price to pay for domestic bliss.

  15. I am typically not one for video games, but Castle Crashers has captured my heart in a very short time. My fiance and I play together, and it really brings out the extremes of our relationship. We shout in anger, we exclaim in joy, and our communication overall grows stronger by the minute. There’s a real sense of teamwork and dependence when it’s you and your loved one against the (imaginary) world. With every bad guy that blinks out of existance and every boss that is vanquished, we trust each other just a little more. Playing alone is fun too, but there’s nothing like shouting “I’m down!” and being revived to fight again.

    There’s a feeling of accomplishment in being part of a team. Knowing that you or your partner couldn’t have beaten that level alone yet, but beating it together feels like a personal victory. It makes you realize that your strength as a team is greater than the sum of your individual parts.

    The other aspect of Castle Crashers that is wonderful for couples is the competition. Whether we’re bragging about levelling up faster, getting an achievement first, or kissing a princess, having something to compete over makes us both play harder and have a personal stake in the game. When I play on my own I sometimes lose interest in beating a particular level or get frustrated trying to beat a boss. When I am playing with my fiance I will play for much longer and with greater intensity because I want to WIN. I realize that we’re playing as a team, but the random competition makes it much more interesting.

    My fiance and I will be married in a few months, and I think Castle Crashers will give our marriage a strong foundation. We can’t afford any type of couple’s therapy, but with a regular dose of Castle Crashers I don’t think we’ll ever need it. I hope we win the pink knight, because we’re planning to use him (her?) as one of our wedding toppers. If my essay was amazing enough and you’re feeling generous, we could also use one of the orange knights to use as a groom…

  16. Hi Everyone. Thank you for your submissions. We’re running a day late in making our final decision. Lots of entries! We’ll have our official list of winners by the end of today (Feb 15th)


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