BattleBlock Theater – Prologue

Underneath all of the deranged theater cats, captured prisoners, and gladiatorial mayhem, there is a story about betrayal. Not just any specific kind of betrayal, but one that involves a freaky top hat that controls your actions , and forces you to capture your best friend.

To celebrate the start of Comic-Con today we have for you our second cinematic from BattleBlock Theater.

4 thoughts on “BattleBlock Theater – Prologue”

  1. guys relax, remember it comes out in 2010 ; )

    just pulling your legs team take AS LONG AS YOU LIKE remember everyone: like any game the longer it is in development the better the game ultimately is! you cannot rush genius. Be patient!!

  2. When can we have the purple knight? it was released for a short while in some country, but not the US!

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