BattleBlock Theater’s exploding discs

Another week with another prisoner update!  This week we’re looking at you, number 10316!  This prisoner enjoys using the handy dandy exploding discs and was arrested for staring at things after that time limit where it’s still okay to stare.  Nobody’s really sure how many seconds that is to the exact amount before it’s not okay… but we all still seem to “know”.

The very first weapon that was designed for BBT was the exploding disc!  We designed it to satisfy the combat needs while not being toooo deadly.   Sure it explodes, but only after a few seconds of impact with a wall or someone’s face.

While the disc is sitting there 1 or 2 seconds to destroy everything around it,  it can still be kicked/punched into the air before detonation!   This can either serve the attacker or the defender’s side depending on where it’s landed.

The disc is your default weapon in prison.  I don’t think the prisoners are making these on their own, as they seem to be made out of a good amount of parts.  Must have something to do with the theater armory being a little looser than usual..

The disc has other interesting less obvious uses like hitting touch-sensitive blocks or clobbering an airborne prisoner (forcing them to fall to their not-as-desired destination!)

See you next week,

Janet Jackson  -dan

3 thoughts on “BattleBlock Theater’s exploding discs”

  1. Man the suspense is killing me! My 7yr old asks me everyday, literally for the past few months, “dad-dad, when is battleblocktheatre coming out? Check the internet!”
    Needless to say he, along bro/sis and myself are fired up to play this masterpiece! (hopefully_)

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