Comic-Con is almost upon us

Summer is here and with that comes the bright, vivid sun blasting tasty rays of sunshine on your skin, while enjoying a nice cool breeze of freedom. Or you could just spend it indoors with us at Comic-Con 2011! Our convention center in San Diego has so many windows inside of it it will be like you’re actually at the park with your family bonding with them.

In honor of our 10,000th year at Comic-Con we want to celebrate with you and your family by offering you a 30×20 carpeted space filled with our custom built arcade cabinets, and enough merchandise to keep you busy until I say this same thing next year. Speaking of merchandise here are some new t-shirt designs we’ve been working on that will be available this year at both Comic-Con and PAX Prime!

Ingredients include: Cotton, Polyester, Ink, and pepperoni pizza flavored Combos

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  1. you guys never cease to amaze me with the stuff you can come up with and i love it and hope to be at comic-con 2011

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