The Escapist’s Developer Showdown!

Hello out there in Behemothland!

We survived PAXeast! We should have a wrap up post once the guys have recovered consciousness.

In the meantime.. We’ve been nominated once again in The Escapist’s March Mayhem Developers Showdown!

We’re up against Rockstar North (this NOT Rockstar San Diego, all you Red Dead fans!) and we’ll need every vote to beat them! Just click the image above to vote for your favorite developers. You can login with facebook, or create an Escapist account, and if you twitter you get an extra vote as well!  Voting for this round goes for 48 hours.  Will you share the love with us? Can a giant chicken defeat a rockstar?



2 thoughts on “The Escapist’s Developer Showdown!”

  1. I want to vote for you guys, but the above link isn’t clickable! I’ll find it on my own, but you better fix that quick. Good luck!

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