Castle Crashers 1/2 Off Sale!

And so as it was foretold, XBLA Castle Crashers will be about the price of hamburger for 10 days this month of December.

It’s going to be 50% off!  Pretty close to FREE if you round up the percentage.. I suppose.

I was in this serious funk.  And so I was thinking;  So what if we’ve made the #1 rated XBLA game of all time?  XBLA Game of the Year XBLA Shmame of the Shmear, nothing is worth 15 dollars.  Maybe our efforts are REALLY only worth somewhere around 7 dollars.  Honestly, maybe even less.

For those of you who were specifically holding out for this moment of us devaluing our self worth: you’ve got more than a week to act on our brief crisis of confidence — but, everyone’s been saying really nice things about us lately so I’m guessing we’ll only be sad from December 21st to the 31st.   After that I bet we’ll be proud of what we’ve made once again. In the meantime, if you’ve been Castle Crashersless because you only have those 600 MS points that you found in your couch cushions, its a good time to finally check out this thing that we made.

4 thoughts on “Castle Crashers 1/2 Off Sale!”

    • I’ve been waiting forever for the PS3 version to go on sale…and while I’m sure this is a great game and worth every penny of the $15 price, I can’t support a company that shows favoritism towards M$.

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