Five thousand giveaway DLC codes, Dan’s birthday

We are giving away 5,000 DLC codes on our devblog, twitter, forums, and our facebook groups! Five thousand! If you are interested in grabbing one just check Emil’s post below!!

I want to thank everyone for all of the great gifts on my birthday. I am pretty sure you guys have set a record well beyond the amount of gifts I have ever received!! So many emails of amazing art, plus some that have arrived right at our doorstep – and I’d like to show you some of those now:


hats n whales

The plushes were made by Anna the Red, who also brought us by a chicken plush at PAX! Thanks, Anna, these are INCREDIBLE!!!!

And of course, many cakes to make us fat with;


chicken cake from Kristjaan!!!

mysterious clown cake

I can’t really tell you how happy we are! This is how happy we are:

from sad to happy

Thanks so much guys, you are justice!!!!!


11 thoughts on “Five thousand giveaway DLC codes, Dan’s birthday”

  1. necromantic pack codes you say? i shall share some now!







  2. I cannot, at the moment, think of ANYTHING that looks more delicious than that rebirth cake. Gaaaaahhhhhdrooldrooldrool 😮

    Looks like your birthday was awesome!

    That’s awesome!

  3. more necromancer codes for sharing:







    gotta claim ’em all!!!

    • Happy birthday to you and Behemoth…happy Necromancer day to me! Snagged FHT48-J7KR4-DQ2HD-HTQP6-GVFVM, so no need to try that one anyone else who finds these codes.

      • Congrats on the code. I missed my chance. Happy Belated Birthday. My birthday was yesterday and I hung out with my friends today and we all played Castle Crashers as a late birthday hangout. Now I’m gonna hang around and keep an eye out for codes.

        Thanks for the awesome game. I missed 2D!

  4. These codes are a joke, I just put one in a couple seconds after they were posted and guess what ALREADY USED!!! How is that possible every other code I tried ALREADY USED this makes me mad and pushes me to delete CC

  5. when i saw that golden whale i realised a thing. that all my life was meaningless without a golden whale plushy. So i ask you Dan paladin, PLEASE GIVE ME A GOLDEN WHALE!!! that’s all :3

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