Top Rated, Best Selling. Thank You!!


As of today (September 1st, 2009) Castle Crashers is the top rated, and best selling Xbox LIVE Arcade  title. Thanks to Microsoft and their nifty little filtering system they have going on I managed to grab some screenshots from their site for the picture above. Thanks Microsoft!

Of course none of this is possible without all of your constant support.  Rather than put out a very formal press release, we’re just going to give away a crap load of free stuff in the coming days to show our appreciation. Our flight arrives in Seattle sometime in the afternoon tomorrow and once we get settled, meaning get our internets,  expect some free stuff as a gesture of our appreciation.

We’ll be posting here on our blog, our forums, on our twitter feed, facebook group, friendster page and as many other places as we can think of, so keep an eye out the next few days leading up to and during PAX.

We can’t say thank you enough.  So we’ll say it one more time for now. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

See ya at PAX

Update: Forgot to mention one last thing.  Have a question about Castle Crashers? Need to know what stats a certain weapon has? Try our official fan made Castle Crashers Wiki at


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