Goldbags, shoes, items galore

Amongst all the huge amounts of game development going on we tend to keep ourselves EXTRA busy with cool projects. Here are only a couple of the many things we are currently working on:

Castle Crasher shoes?!

We’ve been thinking about making some shoes every once in a while, but after seeing this link we were even more supercharged to make some! There’s also these shoes and these shoes… I wonder if there are more I haven’t found? I really like the colors on this last one!

Our shoes are not ready, of course, but we are working on getting one done. The design (and modelling) on this one was done by our friend Min Kyung. Sometimes I call her Filet Mignon because that’s what it rhymes with.

This fine bag that I am displaying should look familiar to those of you who have played Castle Crashers. The contents are still secret right now.. I wish I could tell you but it just isn’t time yet πŸ™ So let’s guess. What do you think might be inside? (It’s not gold, even though it looks like it should be)

This concludes our tour for now… There are several other awesome things we’re planning that I will share later!

It’s always so awesome for me to see these things come to life. Let me know what you think of these things, and what your heart desires.


11 thoughts on “Goldbags, shoes, items galore”

  1. The Red Knight shoes are lookin’ good!

    As for the my guess for the contents of the Gold Bag- is it a release date for the Necromancer DLC pack?

  2. Probably the wizard to come beat your socks off. He’d fit in there easily.

    Animal Orb would be awesome though…

  3. I think that there is either a troll animal orb plushie or a character bust. I think …… maybe.

  4. Ooooo, I like the Gold Bag mystery contents!
    The shoes are also pretty cool, but not my style (I like having laces).

    That mystery in the bag though, that’s a touch one. I want to say a plushie of some sort, or maybe even a type of sport ball like a soccer ball or football, but something in me says I’m off…
    I’ll go with “something I’m most likely gonna want” as my final answer!

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