It is the present marathon of present exchange (presently)

This post is about presents that we both get!! Beginning present sequence:

Secret Present!!!

The other day we received 3 big boxes in the mail that were sent from Microsoft and we wondered what they could be. They were so heavy! When we opened them there was a note telling us they liked us enough to make a few custom Castle Crashers Xbox 360 Elites! Whoa!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan begins opening sequence

Custom Xbox 360 Elite looks at the Trolls

All the way down to the controllers are these wonderful gifts decorated!

What else do I have to say about presents? Well – Father’s Day is coming up….. maybe you should get your dad a gift for Father’s Day???????????? Or, if YOU are DAD and you are reading this and after your kid gets you something awesome for father’s day you can be like “WELL GUESS WHAT, SON/DAUGHTER/PERSON? I AM THE BEST FATHER FOR SURE NOW!!!!” and then hand them a code for XBLA that you got them on AMAZON.COM and then BOND with him/her/it. There’s nothing quite like 1-upping your children, but it is their own fault for not thinking of this gift first!!!

Speaking of presents, we’re running a contest* to see who can guess the time and date for when Castle Crashers hits 1,000,000 players on the leaderboards and we’re giving away lots of presents. The person who gets the closest will get the Grand Prize… but that is not enough present-giving for us! We want to give out more presents to more people. It was really hard to figure out what the most epic presents would be. We all felt like something different might be best so we took all the ideas and ran with them. We didn’t literally run with them. Instead, we took all the ideas and put them in a big bucket. All kinds of shwag and amazing items are inside of this bucket, and there’s a really huge bow sitting on top of it in the middle of the office. We’re going to pull the bow and take the presents out and send them to random entrants in the contest once a week until it is over! Can you believe it?

So – What could I possibly tell you about a GRAND PRIZE so far? It will include a hand made CASTLE that we only use for our displays at the tradeshows, a solid bronze knight figurine, personalized Sultan-Dan-Paladin-Art, and lots, lots more!

Bronze Fighter

Bronze Fighter II

This concludes our present marathon!


* (please note that guesses will not be counted unless they are in the official forum thread – see rules in link!)

5 thoughts on “It is the present marathon of present exchange (presently)”

  1. Woohoo! I’m digging the Bronze arrow-in-the-head Knight.

    Btw, you should probably bake a cake for Microsoft for sending you guys those 360’s.

  2. Wow, these are some mighty desirable prizes here, gang! And if I can get a hold of the 360, let’s just say my friend’s gonna have a used, working 360 πŸ˜€

  3. That is the sweetest Xbox 360 I have ever seen, hands-down.

    Now, I hate to be ‘that guy’, but I’ve got to do it. As a man who still plays Castle Crashers after all these months several times a week, I’ve gotta ask: The Necromancer pack? C’mon….tell us. At least give us an ETA. Will we see it before Game 3 is done?

    Also, are you guys going to be at E3 this year? Or PAX?

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