Tokyo Anime Fair and Game #3 stuffs!

Hello there world,

As the duly appointed “Mayor of Behemothtown“, I am making my first dev blog post!

In an effort to reach out to our Japanese fans, John, Dan and Emil will be flying off to Tokyo next week and will represent The Behemoth at Tokyo Anime Fair March 20th and 21st at booth H-10. We will be showcasing Castle Crashers, Alien Hominid, and… an uber-early version of Game #3!

So if you happen to be in Tokyo, stop on by!!

Emil will (hopefully) be updating the Dev Blog throughout the trip, and if our shiny new video camera works, maybe he will even post videos of their adventures!

Just a few days before (March 18th), we will also be revealing our first ever trailer for our next game right here on the Dev Blog. By popular request, here is something to whet your appetite in the meantime:


Also, great big thank you’s to everyone who voted for Castle Crashers for the XBLA Awards! Today is the last day to vote if you haven’t yet.. 🙂