Tokyo Anime Fair and Game #3 stuffs!

Hello there world,

As the duly appointed “Mayor of Behemothtown“, I am making my first dev blog post!

In an effort to reach out to our Japanese fans, John, Dan and Emil will be flying off to Tokyo next week and will represent The Behemoth at Tokyo Anime Fair March 20th and 21st at booth H-10. We will be showcasing Castle Crashers, Alien Hominid, and… an uber-early version of Game #3!

So if you happen to be in Tokyo, stop on by!!

Emil will (hopefully) be updating the Dev Blog throughout the trip, and if our shiny new video camera works, maybe he will even post videos of their adventures!

Just a few days before (March 18th), we will also be revealing our first ever trailer for our next game right here on the Dev Blog. By popular request, here is something to whet your appetite in the meantime:


Also, great big thank you’s to everyone who voted for Castle Crashers for the XBLA Awards! Today is the last day to vote if you haven’t yet.. 🙂



22 thoughts on “Tokyo Anime Fair and Game #3 stuffs!”

  1. HMMMMM Concept art looks like part of a cutscene. Why is the cube boy so sad? Why is the Behemoth stealing Sonic’s chaos emerald? What are those freaky red eye guys in the background?

    I just hope that the game is more story based. Come on guys, I want an RPG!!

  2. i’m surprised there’s only 2 comments. i’d expect there to be a giant overflow.
    damn, i need to get a hard-drive for my 360. :/

  3. Oooh, can’t wait!!
    Love the top hat. I had not noticed the glowing red eyes, I wonder what they are, they look like robots…

  4. Is it possible, that Castle Crashers will get cheaper (like a “Deal of the Week” bargain), especially if it wins a couple of XBLA awards?! 😉 YES, you have my vote!


  5. *crosses fingers*

    please come to the ps3 or wii.
    please come to the ps3 or wii.
    please come to the ps3 or wii.
    please come to the ps3 or wii.
    please come to the ps3 or wii.

    *crosses fingers*

  6. I would realy love that game to be free becasue castle crashers was
    1200microsoft points and alien hominid was 800microsoft points come on thats 2000 points.

    I want the game to be free love the artwork with the picture so far as
    a quick display for game#3.

    P.S Please let the game be free
    P.S.S I mean man why does microsoft need alot of money and points
    P.S.S.S I need that game free and many people should want it free to much money for a virtual game. *crossfingers*x2

    • dude,
      you have no idea what it costs to make a game. Besides, what’s the matter, can’t afford $25? Jeez, man you’re asking too much, why would they give a game out for free if it’s likely to be good judging by the fact that everyone’s now even more aware of the behemoth thanks to cc? It’s a definite moneymaker.
      Stop begging, for all of us.

    • Ehh Reptile if they do make it free they wouldn’t get any money and The Behemoth would go broke and no more games from The Behemoth 🙁 So yeah they wont make it free and its bad for them

      • at least 400? WHAT?! If you made a game as a small developer, like the guy that made braid (he spent 180,000 USD on making his game) he sold it for $15 because he needed the money, so that he could at least break even! Would you want to sell your game for 5 measly dollars? I think not, at least 800ms points, but i will understand if its 1200 or 1600.

        Boom, roasted.

  7. Ive Voted For Casle Crashers On Everything It Has Been Nominated For
    Wot Do You Actually Win Anyways…


    If you are not aware, a trailer will be released on March 18th, for the Behemoth’s upcoming game.

    • This is for those who cannot read articles. I am obviously being redundant by stating the obvious, obviously.

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