AH HD Leaderboard Update

Real quick so we don’t bump down the awesome PB and J video that emil posted below…AH HD Med Difficulty – Those 30 Ninjas 748,594. Wow! SSMM update – Argeezy takes the lead with 11,787 km, t3h silk and Those 30 Ninjas are within striking distance with 9,641 and 9636 km respectively. Ghost of Tom still leads PDA games with 30,900 points. Kaboes in 2nd with 24,800 and ||kearnsey|| in third with 23,400. Go here if you need details! -john

11 thoughts on “AH HD Leaderboard Update”

  1. Cool, update while I’m trying to calm a guy down from being immature.
    Crap, I should play already! SSMM ftw!

  2. I wasn’t pissed I just hate all kids in the 12 – 14 year old range because they know “everything”

  3. no you .says fuck! i am 13 years old and wath? he? im rude whit you because you
    hate me only because i have 13.

  4. Sorry for double post but Its irrelevant who we (me and my friends all use . As our name) like and dislike because it shouldn’t matter, this blog is about castle crashers

  5. oh gosh, guys. I checked IGN, and their countdown says 77 days from now, this game will be released. admin, john, danp, emil. Please console me on this topic. Tell me it’s not true, and tell IGN to remove it!

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