Behemoth Chicken Animal Orb

Our company mascot finally makes an appearance in Castle Crashers. I’ve never seen poultry help out in so many ways!


15 thoughts on “Behemoth Chicken Animal Orb”

  1. I saw this one coming.
    Now, now, sto0z, I don’t want any, fowl-play going on here. O:

    SHAZAM word PUNishment

  2. Awesome!

    BTW… Can you loose your companion in the game? Like if you die too many times it flies away or is the bond permanent? How do you switch animals ingame?

    PS: Are there any non-animal companions? You’ve got to have a flaming skull orb or pet rock!

  3. Well, Troll could be like a name… and he/she could be like a… ummm… realy ugly spider monkey orb 😀

    But I think you got my question… Are there any non-living-being orbs?

    Also we need a crow orb

  4. a troll is a mitical creature ,but is not a animal is a kind of ogre that live in the forest
    or in the mountains.

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