Shrouded in mystery, the Ninja holds a Ninja Mug for his defensive shielding.

Here’s the Ninja in action…



62 thoughts on “Ninja!”

  1. @ pwnmaster – when the game comes out, look for my name in the credits. Then call me a liar πŸ™‚

  2. 1. ninja+pirate=epic (samurai?)

    2. female charcter wiuld be nice ( moar better than S.S.B.B. on the wii)

    3. necromancer? king? chainsaw? FTW? KABLOoie!!! XD

    4. is the jump move (a button magic) the “decoy”(wood figure) move they do on the pirate ship?

  3. NINJA PWNS i am the ninja in castle crashers and he is level 56.
    I just love ninjas all together! But pirate ninjas are the best out of all the clans of ninja

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