Troll Orb and Monkeyface Orb

I’m going to break away from routine today and post two Animal Orbs in one post.

First up we have the Troll Orb, which helps you regenerate your health faster.

Next up we have the Monkeyface Orb, which will increase your luck with finding items.

That’s it for now, we have a pretty cool poll coming up on Monday, so be on the lookout.



17 thoughts on “Troll Orb and Monkeyface Orb”

  1. What do you mean increases luck with finding items? Do you mean rare items or just basic items?

  2. Hey Emil,

    These little Orb pets seem perfect for GamerTag Avatars. Can we expect to see some via unlockable or micro-transactions? I’m sure everyone here would agree that they would make awesome avatars to use as their GamerTag pic. Thanks.

  3. the game must be close now… i can smell awesomeness
    that should be some sort of release slogan or something

  4. Dan spents maybe 2 minutes on a character like this. Is that bad? Hell no

    Correct me if I’m wrong Dan :p just making a point that awesome character artists vs this is equally good!

  5. i like the other characters so far, especially pazzo, it kinda looks like with the troll u just shaded in a face, kinda looks like the pokemon haunter (eww thats kinda gross that i remembered that). But continue with the good work, well even though ur done 🙂

  6. The troll reminds me of a grue, for some reason. Not that I’ve exactly seen one, mind you…

  7. There are like 7 ads in the comments!
    The troll has his own shirt design, does he not? He looks crazy, and I can barely distinguish his legs from his body. Awesome!

  8. The troll is kinda worthless to me, though one of the coolest ones, your heath recovers not slowly, but extremely slowly. It is more effective just to use the Zebra, Owlet our even better, Hawkster, who will maul downed enemies and bring you food from corpses.

  9. Yeah, the troll is pretty useless (+7 health every 10 or so seconds is not my definition of helpful, even early in the game) but it looks awesome and that’s all that really matters to me. I use him on my maxed out character because he’s awesome, and I don’t really need much help unless I’m in Insane mode anyway.

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