Bronze Age

After all the plaster is removed, the sprues are cut off and a hole is drilled in his helmet to receive the neck pin. Then the knight is polished and the hand drilled so he can hold a sword.


Although this casting looks pretty good, you can see some places where the bronze has some pretty big divots.


These small defects would be nothing compared to the next castings…

*Update* — well, except the request by voidshatter for more shiny + lens flare… πŸ™‚

shiny shiny


28 thoughts on “Bronze Age”

  1. LOL, no selfless bastards here! We are making these trophies for YOU. (Well, not you you, unless you are really good at Castle Crashers and can win them.) We did trophies for about six months with Alien Hominid HD

    and they turned out GREAT. But they were genuinely simulated gold, and these Castle Crashers trophies, well, they will be real bronze. If we can get them to look better than old Snotnose here. Stay tuned….

  2. Wewt! Thought so, thanks john! :DD And if I can’t win one then I bet I’ll be able to get one off eBay from someone who didn’t even want it XD

  3. Heh I just discovered the plastic figures in your shop so I think I’ll settle for those – they looked just as cool ^^

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