Character List

We currently have about 22 unlockable characters in Castle Crashers. Throughout the game you will have the opportunity to add these characters to your arsenal by various different means (was that vague enough). The chart below will be updated as we get closer to launch with more of these playable characters.


33 thoughts on “Character List”

  1. DUDE my favs are royal gaurd,bear,blue knight,killer bee keeper and alien hominid i think a golden castle crasher that has magic energy orbs and a silver castle crasher that stops time for 11 secs would be cool people no offense i just sayin i think it would be cool if those people would be in the game bye guys oh and plus ill be gettin an xbox360 for x-mas so Emil and Dan please keep castle crashers on till 2009 please and also ill come back and tell you my x-box name and please be friends with XxxFacultiyxxX AwesomeDude Player thanks peace guys

  2. These should really be complete by now, so I can use the pics for further clay modelling πŸ˜€

    Same goes for animal orbs, really…


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