Bundling up a kaleidoscope of colorful combat

ICYMI: Pit People had its full release earlier this month! For you Behemoth supporters out there, we wanted to give you a heads up that you’ll get special Castle Crashers & BattleBlock Theater items in Pit People when you own both games on the same account.

For Steam players, you’ll get the blue knight, red knight, orange knight, and green knight helmets for owning Castle Crashers + Pit People. If you also own BattleBlock Theater, you’ll unlock a Hatty face and Cat Guard skin for your Mascots in Pit People.

For Xbox One players, because Castle Crashers Remastered is our only other Xbox One game, you’ll get all six items for owning both Castle Crashers Remastered and Pit People on the same account.

Bundles of Joy

If you don’t already own both games to unlock these cross unlocks then we’ve got good news for you: Today our Castle Crashers Remastered + Pit People Bundle just released on Xbox One! You can get two of our games at a discounted price. We also have a similar bundle on Steam with our Castle Crashers + Pit People Bundle. Get both games for yourself or gift it to a friend!

A kaleidoscope of colorful combat, enjoy two of our couch co-op adventures in one lovingly wrapped package!

Have your hack n’ slash and eat your strategy too in a bundle that pairs Castle Crasher’s classic arcade beat ’em up with the fast-paced, turn based action of Pit People! Loaded with weapons and characters to discover, both games feature dangerously hilarious landscapes for you to explore, either alone or with some of your friendliest besties. Add a side dish of fresh and exciting PVP combat to your experience, if you want… or not! We’re not here to tell you how to play.

Because we love you.

PAX East 2018 – Pit People First Blood Challenge

So you’ve been putting endless hours into the Pit and you’ve been at the top of your Daily Tournament bracket every day this week… now it’s time to put those skills and confidence to the test and see if you’ve got what it takes to draw first blood at PAX East 2018!

On Friday & Saturday of PAX East, we’ll be hosting the Pit People First Blood Challenge at our booth from 1:30PM-3:30PM EST!

For any attendees interested in participating, please come to Booth 14005 by 1PM to sign up. First come first serve. Each player will get a prize!

How it’ll all go down:

  • Players will get to choose from pre-set teams (all teams take up the full 6 slots. This includes fighters that take up 2 slots or half slots)
  • The battle will be a 1v1 fight in the Pit. Single round elimination.
  • There will be a max of 30 seconds for decisions for each turn.
  • Each 1v1 round will go up to 15 minutes max. First person to eliminate their opponent’s entire team, or spills the most blood by the time the clock runs out, will be declared the winner.
  • Winners will move on to the Final round with the same rules as above.



  • Final Round Winners: 1 Pit People plush, 1 Keychain, and 1 extra Chonku coin
  • Final Round Runner Ups: 1 Keychain and 1 extra Chonku coin
  • Round 1 Winners: 1 extra Chonku coin
  • All participants: 1 Chonku coin

But wait… there’s more! At the end of each day, Behemoth staff will choose two players who battled that day to return for an MVPP match! The chosen ones will face off in the final round for the Grand Prize:

  • MVPP: The winner of this fight will be named Most Valuable Pit Person for that day and get a t-shirt of their choice + 1 Pit People figurine (on top of the prizes they received earlier in the day)
  • Runner Up: A Pit People plush (on top of the prizes they received earlier in the day)


Additional Rules:

  • Compete once a day for prizes.
  • If you win the MVPP prize, you’re done winning prizes for the rest of the expo.
  • Must play against another human to progress, no A.I.
  • Staff decisions are FINAL.

PAX East 2018 – Booth 14005

Pit People has officially launched but the fun doesn’t stop there! We’re already working on our next update for the game and we’re also planning our Boston trip in April. This year the expo runs for four days so you’ll be able to visit us for an extra day!

Come to visit us at Booth 14005 where we’ll have arcade cabinets for Pit People (single player and 2-player Co-Op), Castle Crashers Remastered, BattleBlock Theater, and Alien Hominid HD.

We’re also bringing back our Gift Shop with tons of official merch, including new Pit People figurines, a PAX East 2018 exclusive shirt, new patches in our Chonku Chonku machines, and more! Click to see the Behemoth Mega Merch List.

There are also several events that will be happening that week at PAX East. Here’s what we’ve got confirmed so far:

-Friday, April 6th, from 1:30PM-3:30PM EST: Pit People First Blood Challenge (Hosted at our booth)
-Friday, April 6th, starting at 4:00PM EST: Live Performance by Patric Catani (Hosted at our booth)
-Saturday, April 7th, from 1:30PM-3:30PM EST: Pit People First Blood Challenge (Hosted at our booth)
-Saturday, April 7th, from 6:00PM-8:00PM EST: BattleBlock Theater Tournament (Hosted by PAX)

The First Blood Challenge will focus on 1v1 battles in the Pit. Any PAX East attendee is welcome to join! Click the link above to see the rules and prizes.

See you in April!