PAX West 2017 – New Behemoth Merch

Come visit our Gift Shop at PAX West (Booth 1501) for the full list of items we’ll have this year at the booth. For now, here are some cool things coming to PAX West for the first time ever:

PAX West 2017 Exclusive Tee ($20 each, limited sizes while supplies last)

Hey, cuties! Let’s start things off with a fresh new PAX West exclusive tee with Jerkimedes from Pit People. It’ll come in midnight blue (oohhh~) and there are limited quantities so get it while supplies last!

Pit People Figurines ($45 $40 each individual figurine)

Next up, we’ve got the first ever Pit People figurines in the world!!! That’s right, folks — these figurines are making their debut at PAX West 2017 Booth 1501!

Take home Horatio, Pipistrella, and Yosef — first of their name. These will stand 6“ to 7” tall (depending on hat or hairstyle) and they come in a sturdy box of their own.

The figurines will retail at $45 each in the future, but we’re going to have a special debut price of $40 each at PAX West! Get them at our Gift Shop while supplies last.

Chonku Chonku ($5 each capsule)

One Castle Crashers mini-figurine in each capsule. Collect them all!

We’ll have 12 Chonku Chonku machines, which will have blind-box capsules filled with your choice of Castle Crashers knights mini-figurines (1 in each capsule), Pins (Series 4, Series 5, Series 6, or Series 8 pins; 1 in each capsule), and all-new Patches (3 random patches in each capsule).

Pit People Plushies ($25 each)

They made their expo debut at PAX East this year and they’ll be available at PAX West for the first time ever! Choose from Cupcake, Rainbow Horse, Mushroom, or Space Bear.

Or get them all and you’ll get a free Behemoth Baggu bag (retail $10) with the Pit People plush bundle!

There will also be several other t-shirt designs, keychains, and hats available at PAX West. Patrons will get a classic Behemoth drawstring bag free with any purchase!

Pit People VO Spotlight: Ian Moreno

As we were fleshing out more voices, Ian and I had both felt that unique voices for each of the main story’s heroes would be a cool thing to try. Ian gave Yosef a shot and we all unanimously loved it. It’s got a really fitting vibe for him.

Yosef is a demi-clops, meaning he’s part cyclops and part man. His past is somewhat mysterious as is his present. Meeting Yosef for the first time can be unnerving to some players. He’s always at the ready and seems questionably okay with just about anything that occurs. One subtle joke in Yosef’s design is that he prefers ranged attacks and yet he clearly lacks the depth perception required due to having just a single eyeball.

(See the introduction of the full Pit People VO Cast in “The Voices of Pit People)

PAX West 2017 – Booth 1501

We’ve got less than a month to go before we’re back in Seattle, Washington for Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) West! As usual, this will be our biggest show of the year because we’re bringing tons of arcade cabinets and merch to our booth (#1501).

Here’s what we’re currently bringing with us and what you can do at our booth:


Our circle of trust at PAX West 2016

It wouldn’t be a Behemoth booth without our custom-built arcade cabinets! We’ll have our circle of trust with the Pit People single player experience on 12 stations, plus an area with the following arcade cabinets: new Pit People PVP arcade cabinets where players can battle 1v1, Pit People co-op experience, BattleBlock Theater, Castle Crashers Remastered, Back Off Barbarian, and Alien Hominid HD. Try out all of our games on these arcade cabinets for freeee!!!

For those die-hard Pit People fans out there, we’re also going to have a special station or two with the Update 5 build that isn’t currently out yet. If you want to come try out permadeath or see the new leveling changes, we’ll have it on Day 1 and possibly a few other days as well. Just ask our staff about it when you get to our booth! (Secret code is “Infinite Wisdom“)

PVP Challenge

Sharpen your Pit People PVP skills now because we’ll be doing 1v1 matches on our arcade cabinets at PAX West!

More details on the tournament prizes and rules at our PAX West 2017 Pit People PVP Challenge post.

Official Merch

Our Gift Shop will offer much merch this year. We’ve got all new Pit People figurines & plushies that have never been to PAX West before, a PAX West 2017 exclusive tee, and we’ll be bringing 12 Chonku Chonku machines!

Get them quick before we run out!

Get all details on pricing and see product images by checking out our PAX West 2017 Merch post!


Who doesn’t like free stuff? For attendees who brave the lines at PAX West, we’ll be giving out a free lanyard at each of our game demo stations. We also have a Behemoth Baggu bag that comes free with a Pit People plush bundle (or $10 if you just want the bag). We also have our classic Behemoth drawstrings bag free with any purchase!