Halloween Sale on Steam

The Annual Steam Halloween Sale is here from October 26th until November 1st!

Two of our games, Castle Crashers Steam and BattleBlock Theater Steam, are 80% OFF the original price during this sale.

In addition to the main game, we also have a bunch of bundles and packs that are on sale too.

This Halloween, treat yourself to some sweet gaming!

9th Annual Halloween Contest

Edit: The Contest is now closed but you can vote on your favorite entries by November 7th. Top 5 voted entries will get a free code to one of our games.

Welcome to the Behemoth’s 9th Annual Halloween Contest! This year we’re looking for the most creative Behemoth character costumes and decorations that the community puts together for Halloween.


Official Rules

Behemoth related games include Pit People, BattleBlock Theater, Castle Crashers, Alien Hominid, Alien Hominid PDA Games, or Super Soviet Missile Mastar.

Entry Period:
Submit your photos by using the form above or use #BehemothHalloween on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Get your entries in before we close the contest at 12PM PST, November 2, 2017. We will review the entries and on November 3rd we’ll select three winners in each category: Costumes and Decorations. Selection will be based on creativity, effort, and character resemblance.


Costume winners: Choice of Pit People Figurine (not in our online store yet!)

Decoration winners: Choice of Pit People Plush

More Rules:
–No purchase necessary.

-Must be 18 or older to enter (if in the US), or have parental consent.

–Group entries are allowed! (Only one prize pack per winning individual or group)

–Your entry must be your own creation (or your group’s, parent’s, family’s).

–Only new costumes and decoration entries will be accepted (entries that were submitted in previous years will not be eligible).

–Decorations can include pumpkin carvings, special treats, or other decorations in or outside of your home.

–You may enter more than one unique entry.

–International participants welcome!


Now that the call for entries has closed, our staff will be choosing our Top 3 of each category and will post the winners in a separate post.

The community can also choose their favorite entries by voting before November 7, 2017. The five entries (from each category) with the highest number of votes will get a free game code for one of our games!

Be sure to get your votes in by November 7th, 11:59PM PDT.

Click to see last years winners

Pit People VO Spotlight: Piper Faye

Piper’s got that voice that naturally matches what we were looking for. Pipistrella’s a youthful innocent princess dealt a nasty hand in life – forced to find her own way and learn right from wrong through trial and error. Pipistrella is a tough role to fill as she’s a softy at heart but lives in a violent world, so she basically needs to be yelling to a certain degree to match the atmosphere.

Piper and Monica are friends IRL which is extra great because both Pipistrella and Pandora are closely related in Pit People.

“Piper is pretty great to work with. There’s a certain amount of care that’s apparent there with how she approached things, whether it was delving in and requesting any and all reference material on the story and character or dissecting gibberish with me.

“I recall after a few too many back and forths on chat and email, having my first phone conversation with Piper to go over Pipistrella’s gibberish lines. As Dan pointed out, she truly has this natural voice that embodied what we were looking for. I hope this doesn’t come off weird, but she naturally has one of those VO actor or announcer, radio persona type voices. It almost sounds like there’s production on it, but it’s 100% natural. That in itself is a gift.” – Ian Moreno (on his experience working with Piper)

(See the introduction of the full Pit People VO Cast in “The Voices of Pit People)