PAX Prime 2015 – Day 3


Read up on what we have at our booth today for Day 3 of PAX Prime 2015 and see our photos from Day 2. We have a couple Pink Knight cosplayers in the photo mix and our booth neighbors too!


PAX Prime 2015 – Day 2

Our team at PAX Prime 2015

Today, we’ve got everything rolling smoothly on all the arcade cabinets and our gift shop. For those of you at home or on your phones, check out our recap of Day 1 and our pictures from yesterday!


Pit People Pins & Other PAX Merch


In addition to our usual array of keychains, posters, and select apparel, we have some new items that are making their way to PAX Prime for the first time ever! Check out our new pins, tees, and plushies coming to Seattle!