New BBT Arena Feature & Steamroll Vic #2

Fridays = New Furbottoms Features! Team up with your favorite friends and bestest enemies in this week’s Arena Feature. And if you haven’t unlocked this flat-faced friend already, then you’ll be able to get Steamroll Victim #2!

Happy Birthday BattleBlock Theater!

We remember it like it was a year ago: We sailed the stormy waters looking for an island made entirely of candy, and ended up on the adventure of a lifetime. Today’s the one-year-anniversary of our BattleBlock Theater release!

The Research Centaur & New Gold Egg Project Recipient

This past decade as an independent video game developer has been a blessing to us and we want to share our resources with fellow developers in need. This is why we’ve created new two subdivisions of our company: The Research Centaur and Gold Egg Project.