RTX 2013 – Day 1

Day 1 was a HUGE success! Our first year ever at Rooster Teeth Expo and we sold out of items within a few hours, had over 150 people play BattleBlock Theater on the arcade cabinets and we got to meet tons of fans we’ve never had a chance to meet with before. There was chicken dancing (videos to come) done by people who wanted some squeezy chickens and a huge group of people gathered around for our first raffle yesterday at 4:30PM.

Don’t forget that we will have a raffle today and tomorrow at 4:30pm and at 5:30pm also, so make sure you get your raffle tickets after playing our free-to-play arcade cabinets with BattleBlock Theater. Raffle tickets before 5:30pm do not carry on to the next day, so be sure to get another ticket after 5:45pm or the next morning.

And follow our Twitter to find out when the next random giveaways will be happening at our booth!

Click on the photo below to see some of the happenings around our booth.