Level Lobby ft. Level Editor

I am proud to unveil our Level Editor for BattleBlock Theater.   This is just a PART of our Level Lobby – which I’ll get into a little later in another post.

Did you know that our Level Editor is the same editor we used to develop all of our own levels in Story mode?  And all of our official Arena levels as well!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE (I always wanted to say that!):

  • It’s super easy to use!  Easier than putting on your own two shoes!
  • Create all kinds of twists and bends!
  • You can create & edit levels with friends!  
  • Test it while you build it!  See if you’ve killed it!
  • Upload and share!  Download and rate!  What will you do with the each playlist’s fate?
  • Make it simple!  Make it complex!  A click of a button to amaze and perplex!

So you know, this has been so hard to keep quiet.  I mean we’ve had the Level Editor this entire time, but I can’t really tell anyone about it until we knew all the details and innerworkings.    Then we made it just a little nicer for you than we did for ourselves.  Because we think you deserve nice things.

I love you!



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The man in the Whisper Room

The Whisper Room. Sounds like the perfect title for a horror film, doesn’t it?

Actually, this cubicle-sized room is used for sound recordings. The inner walls of the room have been padded down to help soundproof the booth. Its main function is to keep external noises from affecting the recordings, which will be put into BattleBlock Theater.


Why the sudden addition to our video game studio? The Behemoth studio has a visitor this week! You’ve probably heard his voice in our opening cinematic for BattleBlock Theater:

What will we have in store for Will during his trip to San Diego?

“Who knows? I don’t, do you? I don’t, do you? I don’t! Welcome to BattleBlock Theater!” – Will Stamper (Narrator)