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The Aging Process

Just as the title implies, BattleBlock Theater is in fact a fully functional theater. From a prop room, to concession stands, BattleBlock Theater has just about everything you’d expect to see inside of a theater, on an island, overrun by vicious cats. As we added deeper story elements to the world of BBT we made… Read more »

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Glorifying Hatty in the Gift Shop

Today, we explore our Gift Shop area of BattleBlock Theater. As we developed our story for Hatty we found his overall presence was lacking throughout the game. You would see him in the cinematics, and occasionally spread out within the game, but we wanted to make sure Hatty’s presence was more immediate so that the player would… Read more »

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The Many Pieces of BattleBlock Theater

       BattleBlock Theater has been showcased in different forms over the past few years at tradeshows such as PAX, Comic-Con and Tokyo Game Show. We first revealed the game’s Arena Modes at PAX East in 2010, and in more recent years we moved on to featuring levels that you might see in the… Read more »

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