Last Week …………

Last week at the office we put together all of the sticker packs that we are giving away for the Game Informer contest. There are roughly 150 envelopes we are sending out, 5 of which are our randomly selected winners who will receive a Alien Hominid T-Shirt.


Here are a few other pictures of the office……….

Pictured below we have, a nicely organized desk, our “Java House” sign, random shelves filled with promotional items, super cool servers that look like they belong in 1994, and most importantly, our front door!


Finally, the menu that feeds us on a daily basis, Mexican Fiesta! Everyday we call and wait for those magic words, “What would you like” and “Your order number is 44”. Thank you Mexican Fiesta for all of your greasy goodness.


Alien Hominid Price Drop

We have dropped the price of Alien Hominid to $19.99! Even our exclusive urban vinyl figurines have dropped in price, now only $25.99. If you haven’t picked up your copy of Alien Hominid yet, now is the time! Remember, you can save with our bundle pack offer, which is a copy of the game and a set of figurines for only $39.99, that’s $5.00 dollars worth of savings. Just click on the links to the right to start your order.