Alien Hominid Invasion Nominated for Best Soundtrack

We are excited to share that Patric Catani’s work on Alien Hominid Invasion has landed a nomination for Best Soundtrack at Debug Magazine’s inaugural Indie Game Awards!

While Patric has a sound aesthetic that is very much his own, he crafts a sonic identity unique to each game utilizing a finely curated palette of instruments and sounds, and his work on Alien Hominid Invasion was no exception.

A longtime collaborator of The Behemoth, Patric puts a new spin on old magic, blending classic chip sounds with modern instruments. In the Invasion OST, you will find original SID (C64) and Sega Chip sounds in an organic mix with analog synths, acid basslines, and even guitars!

This was not only inspiration drawn from the game, but also mirrors and plays with these in-game dichotomies and story motifs. In other areas, there are intentional synthesized sound elements that reflect the content they represent, such as using granular synthesis to create the wasp buzzes and synthesized voice/vocaloid-esque beloved “bapi bapi” of the post-level music celebratory aliens.

Can we get a big BAPI BA for Patric’s incredible work on Alien Hominid Invasion? For more information about the awards and other nominees, please visit Debug’s website.