Pit People Tournament: Permadeath Edition

It’s time for another Pit People POOP tournament, but this one has consequences.

This month’s PC tournament challenges players to 1v1 their peers; only this time, all tournament matches will be played in Permadeath Mode. If you lose a character in the pit, they’re gone for good, even if you emerge victorious and have to soldier on.

The first place winner will get a Pit People Hoodie, with 2nd and 3rd place getting Pit People T-shirts so that you can flaunt your killer victory. (And if we don’t have your size, you’ll get a plush or figurine instead!)

Think you can handle it?

Matches will be scheduled to take place between February 15th and February 23nd based off of competitor’s schedules. If you think you have what it takes, sign up by joining the Pit Official Offensive People (Yes, that’s the TRUE meaning of P.O.O.P.) Discord server and letting Normandia or KreeperKiller63 know you want to be a Pit People P.O.O.P. Participant.

Be sure to get to recruiting characters well ahead of time, too; if you lose one in the competition, you won’t be able to use them anymore (or ever again, for that matter).

This tournament is going to be a true test of Pit People skill — do you have what it takes?