Pit People VO Spotlight: Ashly Burch

(See the introduction of the full Pit People VO Cast in “The Voices of Pit People)

Generally speaking I like to give any creative person I’m working with a good amount of ‘room’. It creates the opportunity for the artist to breathe a lot of their own life into whatever they are doing. With Ashly, my approach remained the same. It’s always fun seeing someone knock stuff out of the park!

I went in very confident as I’ve known Ashly for years now and was certain she’d be able to nail the roles. The spectrum of characters we requested from her was pretty wide – there’s our iconic Recruitador Sofia, who wants to confidently claim everything on the planet for Spain in the gibberish form of the Spanish language. Then we have things like semi-creepy Spidaur ladies or partially insane Vampiresses. Then we have Hailey who has just the perfect amount of sass and tough love mixed together. I really couldn’t be happier.

There’s one recording Ashly made in particular that always makes me smirk a little when giving a female human a destination on the grid: “Ayyyyyyyyy..”

Interview with Ashly Burch

Many thanks to Ashly for taking time to answer a few questions we asked her about her process in voicing for Pit People!

  • Did you receive any direction from our team for the characters you voiced? If yes, what was requested?

  • Dan and I worked on finding the voices together, which was really fun. We tried to make each creature distinct while still being funny and true to the game.

  • How much of the game did you know before creating the voices?

  • Very little! I knew that if the game was consistent with Behemoth’s style that it would be super fun and silly and LO AND BEHOLD, so it was.

  • What was your favorite part of creating the voices?

  • Trying to find different vocal pockets for the creatures to live so that they sounded distinct from the other characters I voiced. It was a great challenge and I think it genuinely helped stretch my range and consider different ways of creating a character – whether it’s pitch, texture, cadence, and combinations of all of those elements.

Sound Clips

We wanted to share a few extra VO clips from the game and we’ve also thrown in a couple outtakes for funsies!