First BBT Furbottom’s Fridays!

Today, we’re proud to showcase our very first user created playlists that are being featured in Furbottom’s Features (FF)! In celebration, we’re giving away two special prisoner unlocks — Donuts and Winston.

FeaturePost_Donuts    FeaturePost_Winston
Furbottom and The Behemoth Chicken are no longer available to unlock in the game. In their place, we have multiple Featured playlists changes and prisoner unlock changes:

1) Solo Furbottom’s Features:
Playlist: Buckle Ur Pants
Creator: Xx Tawnia xX
Complete all solo levels to get the special Donuts prisoner!

2) Cooperative (Co-Op) Furbottom’s Features:
Playlist: Flem and Friend
Creator: guyinco6nito
Complete all co-op levels to get the special Winston prisoner, Dan Paladin’s loyal companion.

3) Feature Arena:
Playlist: CommunityBngBng
Creator: Shiunicornt
No unlock, but plenty of smiles to be had.

This is the real Winston! He does a great job kicking kitty butt!
This is the real Winston! He does a great job kicking kitty butt!

We will continue to update the Featured areas every week for the next month! Keep up with what playlists are currently up by checking out the Furbottom’s Features section of our official Forums.

The changes will rotate between Arena Features & Furbottom’s Features, so next week we will only change the Arena Features. Remember, the special prisoner unlocks do not necessarily change every time the FF does and they are still Limited Time Only. So, get them quick because YOLO.

P.S. To the person who asked about donuts in the Raptr Q&A, just wanted to let you know that Dan does give donuts to everyone! Seeeee. It was his plan all along!