Tidbits from IndieCade

How are you fellow Behemothians?

Pretty swell over here! I discovered a little event called IndieCade in Culver City (a city within the city of Los Angeles, CA) this past weekend.

It’s an International Festival of Independent Games that’s focused on games that you wouldn’t see just anywhere. Packed full of game developers with a passion for creation, competitions, conference sessions, demos and general enthusiasts…it’s quite amazing to see everyone come together for the love of gaming.

My conference session highlight would have to be the Iron Game Designer.

Three people were chosen as the Team Captains, and they had to choose members of the audience to join their group. A theme is chosen, materials were given, and lastly comes the secret ingredient!Β This year, it happened to be BANANAS! Real-time game design requires quick thinking and creativity to make the most out of what you’ve been given. Play testing commenced and laughter ensued! Even the audience got to play games on their own, involving ribbons!

Found this cute little bugger who overheard me talk about Castle Crashers and he said “I LOVE Castle Crashers!!!” Could not resist giving him a shirt (which he quickly put on) and a squeezy chicken that he used as a beard…


I can’t help but stress how important indie games are. It’s where the energy resonates, the desire to create a game from start to finish through the challenges of the market itself, our personal abilities and resources available. And most importantly, having the hope that all the hard work pays off, that people will like the game after it’s done.

If it weren’t for our fans who appreciated Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers, The Behemoth would not exist. Now that BattleBlock Theater is on our plate, we hope that you’ll continue supporting us through this time!! ^____^

<3Your Favorite Pink Knight,