Comic-Con in 7 days and Castle Crashers Posters!

If you were born on the planet Earth then you’ve probably hung a poster up on a wall at one point during your existence. Because of this universal link we all share, which involves hanging a piece of paper on the wall, we’re bringing posters to Comic-Con!

In case you’ve never seen a poster being made, we took the liberty of documenting the entire process for you (sort of). Thanks to Dan’s permission we were allowed to take our cameras into the lower levels of Behemoth HQ and show you this exclusive process.


Step 1 – Activate PrintoMatic 2456

After initiating the firing sequence we have to clear the building for 12 hours while the gas clears the room.


Step 2 – Load PrintoMatic 2456 with a substance known only as, “paper”

It takes a total of 3 employees to successfully start the machine. Two to turn the keys on opposite sides of the room, and one to open the roof hatch, which allows the antennae to raise from our building.

Step 3 – Posters are made

After a short 32 hour process the posters are lowered into a pudding like substance where they will rest for 3 days before they are ready to be hung on a wall. This step is very important because it ensures that the poster is capable of sustaining a "wall hang" for weeks at a time.


Our four knights have never looked so good, even while being completely deconstructed and flattened onto a sheet of paper . So if you’re in San Diego next week we encourage you to stop by booth #4219 so you can claim your poster, play some BattleBlock Theater, and probably see Kevin Bacon somewhere.

We were confused towards the end of the process and thought we were in Japan, but when we finally realized we actually live in the United States it was too late so we just left it alone. Hopefully no one notices.

(Special thanks to Rush Press in San Diego for letting us tour the facilities)


1 thought on “Comic-Con in 7 days and Castle Crashers Posters!”

  1. Oh. My. Goodness.

    I would love one of those posters, but if I had the opportunity, I’d buy all four, they’re amazing. I’d frame them all, and hang them in pride of place on my wall.

    I think I’m getting a little carried away, but you must do a contest or something for one of these Kellie! Or atleast put them up on your store, I’d buy regardless of the shipping cost. Now I’m all jealous and sad I’m not at CC :'(

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