Castle Crashers Out Today for PSN!

Happy release day everyone. Today we can finally say that Castle Crashers for the PlayStation Network is here! Well technically it comes out at around 2pm PST but that’s good enough. As you read this post we are currently over 1.8 MILLION players who have experienced Castle Crashers! It’s almost as crazy sounding to read as it is to type out. With the imminent release of the game later today we are hoping to shoot past the 2 MILLION players mark very soon and that’s just very exciting and crazy at the same time.

Of course we wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for the continuous support from all of our fans. We meet all of you at various shows, talk to you through emails, forums, comments, and the one thing that always remains the same is you are all very awesome.

Tomorrow we are on a plane to Seattle to attend the Penny-Arcade Expo. This will be our largest booth at PAX ever and we’re bringing everything we possibly can to make the experience great. Castle Crashers Arcade Cabinet running on a PlayStation 3, BattleBlock Theater demo, new merchandise (yes this means a PAX Exclusive T-Shirt among other things), and the list keeps going on. If you are in the area, or even if you’re not, come on by to Booth #3102 and say hello to us and play our games. We hope to see all of you on PSN later tonight attempting to rescue some kidnapped princesses. They’re all tied up on posts and everything, won’t you help them? They need your help!


*Update: I guess our estimated 2pm launch time has now passed. In the words of William Wallace, “Hold the line!

*Update #2: OK, now it’s officially out! YA! Enjoy everyone!

78 thoughts on “Castle Crashers Out Today for PSN!”

  1. Well, I have to say I’m pretty disappointed. We’ve all waited A LONG time for Castle Crashers to be released, and us Europeans have been completely bamboozled. All I can say is, I’m not impressed. You’re letting down the fans. The fans who will, or would have been, purchasing your product.

  2. Wow, why is everyone blaming the(awesome)behemoth for the “delays”
    Evrything is SONY’s fault guys!! not thebehemoth!1

  3. SO incredibly relieved that I can finally murk CC on the Pee Ess Three;

    Also, one downside is that I can’t use multiple PSN accounts on local play :-/


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