24 hour Chicken Race Tomorrow!

Ok, so actually its a car race. But not your average car race. It is the 24 Hours of LeMons: The Lamest Day 2009 car race wherein all of the cars  must be acquired and prepared for a maximum of $500.  Winner gets $1500- in nickels, and there is a chance your car can be summarily destroyed by public vote at any time.  If you are going to be in Garrettsville, OH Saturday or Sunday (Oct 3 and 4th), you should definitely go check this race out! Go here for Tickets and race information!

Our friends over at 2slowracing have designed and built a giant racing chicken which will hurtle around the track at ridiculous speeds for 24 hours until it wins the day for overly large poultry everywhere, or explodes in a fiery wreck of fried chicken bits.  The design was submitted by forum member Ajaykarat and it is awesome:


The guys did an amazing job translating this ambitious concept to their hearty 1987 BMW E30, and are almost done putting the final touches on it (yes, those are racing goggles on the chicken!):


There are a bunch more pictures of the design and construction here. So once again, go root for the feathery beast if you are in the area, or even if you aren’t. Good luck tomorrow guys, please do not die!



4 thoughts on “24 hour Chicken Race Tomorrow!”

  1. It is such an honor to be mentioned and have my art work featured here on The Behem0th blog. All these atrocious artwork created drew inspiration from Dan’s work.
    Big thanks to the Team, Eric Majkut and Captain Rsafier and Automcdonough for all their guidance to make this Muscle-Ripping-Beast-o-Chicken Car.


  2. I wish you had posted this earlier. I would’ve made the (short) trip to Garrettsville had I known about this during the week.

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