Title Update is Coming!

We just got off the phone with Microsoft and we had a great talk about updating Castle Crashers, YES!! Looks like we’re on our way to getting this title update out and the bigger issues like saving and online connectivity resolved, in addition to other bugs that have been reported. A suggestion for those that might be having some online problems with Quick Match or Custom Match is to possibly try hosting a match instead. Also we’ve been informed that there are some suggestions out there about how to help recover your lost saved data. Again, we’re working on resolving these issues for the update but these might help you in the meantime.

We don’t have a specific time frame yet but we have been working on all known issues as soon as they appeared. Our team has gone without rum and biscuits since we became aware of the issues and will continue to deprive our programming team of both sleep and contact with family and friends (they don’t really have friends).

I want to take a second and thank everyone who sent in their emails, forum posts, threat letters, etc over the past few days. We’ve read through everything and have been responding to as many issues as we can. We’re directing most of our attention to actually fixing the problems so please be patient if you don’t hear an immediate response. Yay for communication!

If you have anything to report to us please keep emailing them to games[at]thebehemoth[dot]com and for the love of all that is good in this world put a relevant subject line like “Castle Crashers Bug Blah Blah Blah” but not, “OMFGFTWROFLCOPTER”

Thanks we love you all in that kind of way that’s not weird and uncomfortable.

Your BFF,


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  1. im with Lee on this one, just curious if i shoul d pick it back up and look some more. just want to know if its unlockable currently.

  2. can u do the alien hominid head jumpin in the update so we can jump on our buddies head and have like a 2-3 person tall stack of knights that slash thru bosses and get hit back and go tumbling down onto the floor instead of the classic headbiting?

    dual weilding ??? press back to change to ur second weapon maybe u wana mix a high magc stat weapon with a high strength weapon instead of going back to the weapon frog all the time.

    a kamakaize move before u run out of health completely with no poitions left maybe a mash of all buttons at once or both joysticks pushed in?

    a new level where u have to work by yourself or in a team and carry a princess on your back and she has a health bar and u have to work as a team to make her survive the whole level? and bonus points or sumthing i duno.

    also a taunt button like the back button on the controller or just to let it view your stats in the game or sumthing?

    but if behemoth likes my ideas please email me asking about more to grimsmile@hotmail.com but ull have to try over series of days i tend to get alot of junk email. =(

  3. What’s with the debugging comments? Simply platesting would have shown the flaws. The very first time I played this game my character got stuck outside of the playfield. I lost an item halfway through the game on the first run. Problems with saves and online play have been circulating the net since the game released. 3 months of certification and instead of actually playing the game to find bugs they simply checked the code? BS. The game is buggy, and the bugs are very prevalent. 3 months of cert and they missed things that consumers started to experience less than 3 hours in? Apologists are apologists, so they won’t hear any of it, but hopefully the devs will be more forthright in addressing how they dropped the ball. There are 360 games 20 times the size of CC in terms of data, and they experience no more bugs than this game.

  4. Castle Crashers looks like quite the awesome game. I love the graphics. Almost all of my friends have it. Issue is: everyone’s data keeps erasing. Especially my brother. Now he can’t even pause it. Argh. Glad you guys are on it though. But even with all the bugs, I can’t wait to get points card just to try it myself. Ha ha. =]

  5. because of the network/ saving problem !!!!!!!!!!!!
    i lost all my pet (enough for me to get the Animal Handler achievement)
    lost all my weapon ( all the weapon u can find in the game)
    i lost 15k of gold !!!!!
    from now on i will never play this shit again !!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean it
    do u guys know how shitty that is ??

  6. This is getting me annoyed, I spend money to play a game with my friends. Only 1 of the 4 of us can play normal games without getting disconnected. I find it weak on your part that you can publish a game that has connectivity flaws like this game. We all know youre not working on a fix, you’ve made your money already, why make a fix?

    I just want a refund..

  7. I am so frustrated with the disconnecting issues of your game. I like playing it, but I have dissconnected 18 times in a row during the last 4 bosses sequence, and several times AFTER defeating the necromancer during the credit sequence. Not to mention the 500 times it disconnects during normal level play. This issue has me pulling my hair out! Please, Please, Please, Please fix this issue! Without the Xbox Live functionality this game will lose it\’s appeal to me. I should have earned the Kay Eye Ess Ess Achievement 20 times over, but I have yet to unlock it due to this issue. I too, am annoyed that I can not enjoy this game with my friends.
    Please help me enjoy your game again.

  8. …i cannot recover my level 99 in anyway at all. this is gay, and im not playing a game that i paid for until the patch is up so i dont risk overwriting my levels (which sux). Surely there is a way to redeem yourselvs. Somethin free idk, but im gettin impatient and annoyed. anounce release date asap

  9. Man I CAN’T WAIT for that update. Me and all my other siblings are completely addicted to CC, and we live in different locations so we have to play on Live. We have to remake the game almost after every level to play, because people get kicked. I have yet to lose save data, but my bro did (luckily very early in the beginning). I’m waiting!

  10. wow i can\’t wait either, i really wanted to play this game with my friends from america but always get cut off after launching a game 🙁

  11. i hope you xboxers realize just how bad pc game devs are after this here, shit they have such bad devs that they are looking forwad to 2010 release with games like diaBLOW 3, which sucks anyways, ea i has hired the only competent people and they r mainly on console. Dont buy from these people again – they stole your money, your characters, and cause they r small time pc nerds teaming with microshaft you cant do anything about it, cept mabey if your lucky and live close to the studio douse a little gasoline on some of them for me? From wht my frie3nd says he has the same save issue with alien homonid and they released that years ago, figure ti out, there is no update, they took your money and ran, even if thy do update, now id have to play with all you non-gamers who dont buy games at 403 am when they r released, nor any of my friends. Behemoth got lucky I dont live near them, with my police record (or lack of compared to what ive actually done) theyd be fucking hiding in their closets at home, little queers, thats how a computer nerd steals from ya tho, hiding in different states

  12. Hey cc is great except when i play the catfish boss fish. It seems the screen goes all fuzzy after i beat him with the boomerang i cant wait till the update come out so i can play with my freinds online

  13. WTF where is the frigging kings septor I needs to now Ive looked all over the web and NOTHing is good info and if you employees have a gamrtag tells me it NOW pretty plz 🙂 ps castle crashers IS AWESOME I PLAY IT EVERY Day

  14. Soooo…. It\’s December Ninth, still kind of waiting for that fix…
    Kind of a bummer to be losing my weapons every week, don\’t care to much about the pets, those don\’t take long to get again, but other then negativity, Castle Crashers still is on of the best games I played in 2D

  15. I know many people have had online problems but what about local i cant even get out of castle crashers without losing my save data and it isnt fair because my friends dont have this problem please fix this problem i really would like to get higher than level five and continue where i left off please fix

  16. i have had this game since it came out, i had most of the hidden characters unlocked, and what do you know i lost all my saved data, and i need to start all over again. I think we have waited enough. I DEMAND A REFUND FOR A DEFECTIVE PRODUCT. FULL REFUND!!!!!FULL REFUND

  17. why is this guy below me having a conversation with himself ??? Ohh maybe he thinks that people will believe it’s two separate people haha sad

  18. I have been fortunate enough to not have the problem with losing my characters or levels. The only problem i’ve had is with online connectivity. It really does suck because I have purchased this game from launch and it is really the best game on XBLA. Hopefully the title update comes out soon so everyone doesn’t feel like 1200 points is too much for the experience.

  19. Every time I beat the boss in the thieve’s forest on my new Xbox 360, one of the trolls ends up stuck on the screen and it won’t let me advance to the next scene. I can’t hit the troll and it doesn’t move. The boss is otherwise defeated. What should I do?

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