oh Hi, Castle Crashers Releases Today!!!!!!!!

hello my friends!!!!Β Β  excitement is at an all time high for us here at the behemoth as today is a special day where we are finally able to present to you our 3 years of hard work!!!

we hope that you enjoy your adventure!!Β  it should be available on Xbox LIVE Arcade any time within the next few hours……TODAY!Β  woooooooooo πŸ™‚


42 thoughts on “oh Hi, Castle Crashers Releases Today!!!!!!!!”

  1. mmmmm…blue knight. I like it guys. you did a great job. although there are constant freeze-ups and lots of internet disconnections. (sorry.)

  2. Nothing that spectacular. Have to wait till the MP starts working to see if it was worth 1200 points. I doubt it.

    Crap in about 30 minutes i have to go to school and its not up there yet!!!!!

  4. This game is so awesome! I got it like a few hours ago and I’m getting to the top of the map already! Oh wait, the ship… Damn! I hate Volcano Land, I keep getting killed, I need 3 more castle crashers for this. >.<

  5. The game rocks, I love everything about it… All of the little details, especially even the opening credits where Tom and Dan’s names are being entered like old-school games. That was rad. Anyway, I haven’t gotten to spend much time with it other than rescuing my first princess, but what I have played so far lets me know that there is actually a lot of depth in this game and I am VERY excited about that.

    Anyway I have to run and work πŸ™ I couldn’t get the day off to play… but when I get home the girlfriend is gonna be kicked to the curb for tonight and its all Castle Crashers! haha! Thanks so much for such an awesome game Behemoth! I love your games!

  6. Good game, but I can barely get anyway because of constant freezing and disconnects. Sort it out, it’s not acceptable, especially when this is more expensive than virtually all other XBLA titles.

  7. I loved Alien Homonid and I already know for sure I\’m going to love this. The gameplay is smooth and flows great and the RPG system adds depth. But you guys are one of the few making true video game comedies.

    (Small spoilers)
    It\’s in the gameplay, it\’s not just dialog or ironic story situations. Having the music switch so fast from big battle to quiet shop keeper music in the the first level was an awesome touch. And again hitting the second stage with the music blasting and a big battle going on.

    And on a simpler level you guys are the ones telling a story during the gameplay. I think it\’s called emergent gameplay or something. I mean it\’s an easy premise to understand but the fact you don\’t overstate it is great.

    As I said before the game is wicked fun, the combat is fantasticly smooth, and the RPG system adds depth and lasting value. But looking and appreciating all the small touches-like shadows that shrink when you jump or the battles in the background getting bigger as you approach the top of the screen-make an addicting, quirky game that much cooler.

    I hope this game gets you guys recognition as a top XBLA developer. I think that\’s the platform you could make the best games for.

  8. Pleaaaaaaaaaase please please please fix the online, this game is so much fun but the problems with the online is destroying this game for me πŸ™

  9. Had no problems with 4 player over xbl at all. First game I played was a 4 player with friends over XBL, minutes after the games release.

    This game is awesome!! Thank you behemoth!

  10. Bought the game during lunch (advantage of working close to home) and played maybe the first 2 mini level/stage and so far I like it a lot. I laughed at the River City Ransom kuddo on the screen when it says it feature Tom and Dan’s work on the game.

    Can’t wait to play it tonight (have to wait for kids and spoose to go to bed) online although I keep reading people having issues online on various forums.

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