Comic Con 2008 Day 4

I had originally planned to make daily posts, and even take some videos directly from the show floor but that didn’t really work out too well. It gets pretty crazy in random spurts, and we need to make sure that we’re helping everyone out with selling merchandise, and answering questions so the updates are not that frequent, sorry !!!

I had everyone turn around real quick so I could take a picture of them while they were hard at work.

In the picture above we have Bob from Newgrounds, Josh from The Behemoth, Billie, (master of tradeshows) Melissa, Noelle, and Sarah helping out with running the booth. Everything has been going extremely well as all of our Castle Crashers game demos have been occupied for the entire show! I’ll try to upload some more pictures tomorrow but before I go here’s one more picture of our fearless leaders Tom Fulp, and Dan Paladin sitting at the autograph side of the booth looking pretty tired after a long day at the “Con”

Hope everyone is having a good weekend, and remember if you’re in the San Diego area please stop by our booth (#5029) and say hello.


45 thoughts on “Comic Con 2008 Day 4”

  1. Guero, if you’re talking about an exact release date, they’ll let us, the fans, know when they can. But it doesn’t hurt to tell a little early πŸ˜€

    Naw, just bugging, they got their schedule, and it’s more of a big, important thing for them to do. It’s like someone telling you the ending of a movie you REALLY wanted to go see. The movie is now ruined and you`re pissed at the guy who ruined the movie, even if temporarily pissed at them.

  2. Fans aren’t the same thing as friends. It’s great when you have fans, but you can’t expect anything of your fans, like you can your friends. And its that friendship that privies them to certain information about your projects; simply because you’re excited to talk about them and you trust your friends enough to do so. The artist/group to fan relationship is a little more delicate than friendship, I think.

  3. Leiigghh, I saw the foam figures, because in the last post, someone gave me the URL for the behemoth booth webcam, and you could see them. Someone was saying that some bald guy knocked the blue knight’s head off, and they had to screw it back on or something

  4. lol they made the boss a bit too easy, (because they were already leveled?) but everything else seems awesome like how everyone had meat tenderizers but the red knight, who had the lightsaber

  5. I think the characters were already leveled up quite a bit… I don’t think they make gamer profiles for every single player in those kinds of events ;).

    Same 4 profiles + nonstop leveling = pwnage

  6. @leiigghh

    You’re right fans are different than friends. Your fans pay for stuff and your friends get the hook up.

  7. ugh, I knew this would happen… Now the devs are gonna have to satisfy us for an additional month πŸ™‚

    and the only prescription… is more cowbell… I mean, more gameplay videos!

  8. Finally a release date! but the day after BiA:HH comes out… i\’m going to have to beat that game fast! but anyways, I do not have XboxLive and Castle Crashers is really the only reason im getting it… but i was gonna get a new Gaming mouse and i don\’t think i have enough money for everything ATM, but i was wondering…

    Do you need XBoxLive gold to buy CastleCrashers or can I just be cheap and get Silver???

  9. Wow…. 100,000 MS points 0.0 -.- 0.0

    that’s like…. 6 years of Blockbuster Online (only 4x more expensive) – free game rentals + EVERY xbla game in that six years.

    I’ve never NOT been excited about a grand prize until now.

  10. So,when will u guys upload all of the comic-con pics cause i got a picture taken of me for your site n i havent seen it yet

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