fantastic foam four foot figure

amazing!!!  clint burgin, who has sculpted all of our figurines thus far, is now working on 4 foot tall figures for comic-con this year!  he should be done the night before the show just in time for awesomeness.  clint has been working day and night thanks to the very short notice we gave him 🙂  thank you clint!!!!!!!!    we’ll have these characters at our booth so you can all take pictures next to them!

tom and i went up to see how clint was doing.  while we were there i took some pictures to share!!  here you can see them in their blue foam glory –unfinished in shape, but definitely giving a good glimpse of the progress.

we’ll also be bringing these to PAX.  see you guys there!

for those of you wondering about release date, follow this link:


81 thoughts on “fantastic foam four foot figure”

  1. Where are the updates? I’d really like to see some photos from Comic-Con.

    Pics or it didn’t happen!

  2. Ya, I saw that. I can see the foam Knight painted (blue) and in presentation, and most of the time I just see random people and sometimes Tom talking to them. I only know what John and Dam look like as well, making it pointless to try and find Emil or anyone else.
    Still,looks like their booth gets enough popularity 😛

  3. It doesn’t help me much to watch anything live since I live on the other side of the globe… I tend to be sleeping when you guys are awake 🙂

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